FNT Sponsors Cuervo Gladiators!

Posted by on October 21, 2010

Think American Gladiator meets Fratstar in Sin City!….so what exactly is FNT sponsoring? Well…four 24-26 year olds that still believe in partying like a true Fratstars. These animals entered into the Jose Cuervo Games challenge that was held in 14 major US cities. They ended up destroying 50 other Boston teams and are now headed to Vegas to compete in the national finals against the other 13 US city winners. They are avid FNT fans and so…what the hell….OF COURSE we were going to sponsor these guys! Give them a “like” on Facebook…so that they can be featured sporting FNT tanks on the opening TV coverage of the event. (Note: Hit the like button for their Fan Page, not for this post..)

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