Introducing… Ollie Gabriel

Posted by on September 20, 2010

Fresh New Tracks is proud to present our most recent affiliated artist addition, Ollie Gabriel! Below is his single “Red Light District” and an exclusive snippet off his upcoming album. We’ll be dropping exclusive snippets throughout the week so be on the look out!

Whatever he puts his mind to, he always accomplishes. Partner of Satellite Music Group (SMG), Ollie Gabriel, has lived by these words his entire life. If he didn’t then he may never have walked away from a major record deal that was not providing him with the creative control and respect he wanted as an artist and producer. Starting again from scratch, Ollie kept pushing forward with his goals and dreams and found a creative match and business partner in Ryan Pate, a producer, and professional engineer from VA. The two realized that “everytime [they] got together to co-produce it came out hot” and they decided to capitalize on that energy. They continued to build a catalog of records in every genre and formed Satellite Music Group. Headquarterd on the legendary Sunset Strip, they have been working tirelessly on the release of Ollie’s debut album. As writer and producers Grammy winning Artist such as John Legend have recently recorded their songs for placement on upcoming projects.The talented pair are now in talks with the likes of Universal, Def Jam, Atlantic Records, etc and have had a great response to their songs. Ollie Gabriel & Satellite Music Group are taking the music industry by storm!

His album, “Sex, Stars, and Satellites” is coming soon. Be sure to check him out on…


Ollie Gabriel- Red Light District
Ollie Gabriel- Twice In A Lifetime (Snippet)

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