Sunday Submissions Vol. 1

Posted by on June 12, 2010

Here’s the top submissions we received this week. Fresh New Tracks nation, who had the best submission? Let us know below. Props to Extraordinary Productions on the video above.

Download: The Jealous Guys- One Night Stand (Mixtape)

What’s Fresh?

Pico C- Freestyle Music
4-0- Stop Me Now
DJ-Hartz- Zoo Mass
DJ Hi-Def- The Answer Remix
Project Hollywood- 25 B*****
Vince G- In The Sky
PrimeApe ft. KC Nevijay- Free
Freshuan- Runnin’ Your Mouth
PrimeApe ft. 50-50- Free Runner
PrimeApe ft. KC Nevijay- Making Our Way
PrimeApe- The Reading Remix
Qewl Miles- UnOutDoable
DJ Hartz- The Final
Woodz- Don’t Stop The Music


Download: L-Win- Transition HOT!

Download: Javon Jacobs- Jordan and Pippen (Mixtape)

Shout out to to the big homey Phil on the assist.

Download: DJ Slam ft. A-Jaxx- The Sorcerer (Mixtape)

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