Featured Artist: Machine Gun Kelly

Posted by on June 3, 2010

(Note: if you’re impatient, skip to about the 1:45 minute mark to see MGK throw down but I’d recommend watching the entire clip because Youngblood puts on an equally filthy performance)

It’s refreshing to see the increasing number of passionate, talented, and fearless white rappers emerging in the hip-hop and rap scene. If you’ve been searching for Twista’s white counterpart, look no further because Machine Gun Kelly is your man. Although we posted his collab with Rock City several months ago, we completely missed the ball on this Cleveland All-Star. In his mixtape “100 Words and Running”, this aptly titled artist flexes his rapping muscles by flowing over several well known beats. By utilizing original hooks and inventive verses that leave your ears begging for more, MGK completely transforms the original works into unique songs. It’s quite evident that he’s been around for some time because his advanced spitting techniques never lull the listener. Below are a few of my favorite tracks from his mixtape but I urge you to download the full album here.

MUST DOWNLOAD: Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – Let The Beat Build
MUST DOWNLOAD: Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – Hell Yeah
MUST DOWNLOAD: Machine Gun Kelly – Chip Off The Block Not on the mixtape

Bonus: Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – Tell You Somethin’
Bonus: Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – Cleveland State of Mind
Previously: Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – Leave Me Alone Ft. Rock City

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