Vote For Sam Adams Music Video!

Posted by on May 30, 2010

As El Pres said over at Barstool Sports vote for Sammy on the MTVU poll just to spite the “ugly b**ch” who wrote the biased paragraph about Boston’s Boy’s hit Driving Me Crazy. The woman (oh yes, the writer is definitely a female because no straight shooting guy would dare to write that malarky) makes a pathetic attempt to sway any undecided readers by claiming his lyrics are misogynistic and his swagger is over the top, which quite frankly, doesn’t constitute proper sportsman like conduct. It’d be a much more legitimate poll if the playing field was a little more even. And if you aren’ts sold on the sticking it to the “b**ch” ploy, listen to the other options because Driving Me Crazy is by far the best (Teach Me How To Dougie aka my theme song is a distant second). Please visit THIS SITE to cast your vote for Sam.

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