Albums | Yvng Jalapeño Drops Multifarious ‘Lunatic’ EP on Bite This!

Posted by on May 13, 2021

After teasing singles ahead of the full-length release, Yvng Jalapeño reveals Lunatic EP. The 4-track music journey was given the nod of approval by Jauz himself, who punctually signed it to his label Bite This! “Losing Myself,” starts things off with an emotional side, but then goes full blown spicy in the drops. The energy here is up and down, but it all fits together in the end. “Clockwork,” embraces a dubstep genre and gets down right weird. Thick basslines and monotone melodies flow in unison to create a filthy smack we all need now and then. Turn your bass up to 11, “Lunatic,” hits the hardest of them all, sharing screeches and sirens in the same lane as the 2 singles before that gives a complete feeling to the EP, now 3 tracks in. The finale track simmers the energy back down but embodies a percussion side that drives stark originality into it.

Yvng Jalapeño has hit a ring of high-points like few have and compounded the benefits of it in 2021. Sharing the stage with massive artists, carrying songs with millions of plays, and boasting a well-recognized look/brand to top it off begins to describe the man behind the name. The DJ/producer has releases going back to 2015 via signings to Sony Music Australia, Yvng Jalapeño has not stopped the motions that lead to success since then and today boasts a large variety of dynamic singles that can make the mood somber or completely rock your socks off.