Albums | Polar Bears & Deorro team up on “Front to Back”

Posted by on December 16, 2023

Since releasing their first music in 2021 and playing their first show at Groove Cruise in 2017, future house duo Electric Polar Bears (referred to as Zero and Snowball) have consistently ascended on a trajectory of success. 

Immersing themselves in the world of dance music, the duo concocted a distinctive mythology, claiming to have an Antarctic lab headquarters where they craft perfect party-throwing strategies. This narrative comes to life during their one-of-a-kind performances, where the polar bear-headed duo combine 3000 LED heads, powerful confetti cannons, captivating lasers, frost machines, and an enchanting penguin parade—all set against the backdrop of their vibrant, lively house beats.

As a result, the Electric Polar Bears’ have garnered attention with their infectious sound and magnetic performance style, which have led to collaborations with notable producers and vocalists such as Paris Hilton, Nitti Gritti, and TyDi; support from industry tastemakers like Afrojack, Alison Wonderland, Deorro, and Illenium; performances at renowned festivals, including Decadence Arizona, Water Castle Carnival, Global Dance Festival, Give Thanks, and Amsterdam Dance Event; and a showcase at Paris Hilton‘s Neon Wedding, cementing their status as a rising force in the music industry. The duo’s bi-weekly radio show, Igloo Radio, has also been syndicated to stations on five different continents, including Insomniac Radio.

Earlier this year, they released their uplifting, retro-futurist Where We Started EP and reunited with pop culture icon Paris Hilton – who befriended the duo at EDC Las Vegas 2014 – to remix her 2023 single, “Hot One,” – a track that retains the original’s euphoric club attitude while imbuing the pop single with the duo’s infectious dance music sensibilities.

Now, the Electric Polar Bears are joining forces with the globally-certified, platinum-selling artist Deorro for new single “Front to Back,” a track that’s filled to the brim with big room house stylings and complemented by energetic, lively sound design. 

As long-time friends, the collaboration came about organically – a natural creative partnership that seamlessly combines their musical skillskets and reflects their artistic synergy. Aiming to create a classic Big Room sound, “Front to Back” is a festival-ready anthem that channels nostalgic, timeless energy and euphoria. 

Launching with a pulsating four-on-the-floor beat, “Front to Back” slowly builds with splashy hi-hats, chopped up vocal samples, heart-pumping risers, and syncopated synth lines. The track then drops into an electrifying section of cathartic, hazy nightclub bliss, continuing its throbbing bassline and relentless rhythm for an infectious, high-octane atmosphere that’s sure to set dancefloors ablaze.

Fans can catch Electric Polar Bears play out “Front to Back” at their upcoming performances at Winter Laserland in Flagstaff, AZ and Decadence AZ in Avondale, AZ. 

Beyond packing out dance floors, Electric Polar Bears are dedicated to philanthropic endeavors and leveraging their platform to make a positive impact on the world. For their most recent charitable act, the duo have announced they will be donating 10 percent of their streaming revenue for the remainder of 2023 to’s Antarctica marine protection initiative – an initiative to protect vital Antarctic ecosystems and deliver the largest act of ocean protection in history.

Working with Deorro on bringing this energetic main stage anthem to life was a humbling experience. We are so grateful to be releasing with a long time friend and pioneer in dance music! When we sat down together to work on this track, we both knew we wanted something with crazy high-energy and that could really turn heads. We are all very happy with how our styles mixed together in this one!” – Electric Polar Bears

Albums | Shoffy Releases new Album, …Onward & Announces Tour

Posted by on September 22, 2022

Shoffy’s new album …Onward came out a few weeks ago and I am a massive fan of the full thing front to back. The electronic infused pop record is filled with catchy music that is on the cusp of commercial but in the best way. Working on the LP over the past year, Shoffy has been focused on uber focused on creation as of late and is now gearing up for a national tour that starts at this month. A few of my personal favorite songs off of this one are easily “Fade” “Nightmares In NYC” and “Sad Man” but there a ton of great music on it. If you are on the look out for a new album to run through, tune in to …Onward by Shoffy above now.

Hip-Hop | Baltimore’s Young Jade Releases “Working”

Posted by on November 21, 2016

This record is “For anybody who is trying to make it,” says the 24-year-old West Baltimore native Young Jade. “Working” is his latest debut generating steam in the DMV region. On the song, you’ll find a sprinkling of Auto-Tune & crooning which is what ultimately makes the song unique. Dealing with life, Young Jade talks about the grind you put in to take care of your family. He wants to bring a different positivity coming from the streets of Baltimore and loyalty is extremely important to him. His musical inspirations are quite versatile as he goes from DMX, Busta Rhymes, Berry Gordy, Jadakiss, Prince, Rakim to name a few. Having a family, producing and writing his own music now, he admits he takes life more seriously and wants to bring back the real meaning to hustling.