House | Justin Jay Finally Delivers His Mom, I Graduated! EP

Posted by on September 15, 2015

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As a Trojan, it always makes my day to see another member of the Trojan family succeed, and as a blogger, it’s in my civic (collegiate?) duty to support any fellow Trojans in their endeavors. Justin Jay was, by no means, an unknown when he was an undergraduate student at USC, considering his first-ever dirtybird release came his freshman year after he sent a demo to Claude VonStroke himself. Now, four years later and diploma in hand, Justin Jay is bringing it back to the imprint that started it all for him with his Mom, I Graduated EP. The young phenom unveiled the lead single off of the EP, “Hit It,” a few weeks ago, but now, he’s showing off another underground weapon in “Rain Dance.” Tribal influenced synths drive the track through twists and turns of bubbling bass lines and groove-driven melodies, and Jay even pushes his comfort zone by sampling his own voice for the first time ever on a track. The full EP is out now on Beatport, so don’t sleep on it!

Mashups | 5 And A Dime- Can I Have Some Bass With That

Posted by on October 1, 2010

Let me tell you something. It’s pretty hard to consistently put out quality music. Even I give Rick Ross a break here and there. I can’t expect greatness ALL the time. Perhaps I can start expecting it from 5 And A Dime though. He certainly hasn’t let me down yet. By the way, Happy Birthday my dude. Oh yeah, and Alex… try to behave yourself with Big Life this weekend. Also, shout out to Lamda Chi at USC for sending in this sick picture.

5 And A Dime- Can I Have Some Bass With That