Dubstep | SomeKindaWonderful – Police (Vanic Remix)

Posted by on December 5, 2013

SomeKindaWonderful - Police (Vanic Remix)

Vancouver based dubstep producer, Vanic takes Cleveland band, SomeKindaWonderful’s “Police” and adds some dubstep heat to it. Vanic has become a very deft remixer thus far in his career, having taken on an official remix for Topher Jones on Ultra, and a host of other outstanding unofficial efforts. Generally dubstep this heavy does not tickle my fancy, but the slight reggae influences and the strong melodic feel, make this palatable for all music tastes. Vanic has proved himself as a remixer, but we hope to see more originals from him. You might just be seeing one sooner than you might know….

Free Download: SomeKindaWonderful – Police (Vanic Remix)

Progressive House | Paramore – Still Into You (Topher Jones fREeMIX)

Posted by on October 3, 2013


Guys, you know how sometimes things go terribly wrong and you end up having to wipe the back of the toilet and/or think about changing your pants but it was clear af like it always is cause you mostly drink water so you don’t have to? Well guess what happened to me a couple minutes ago… I remembered how my gym teacher in the tenth grade said that she liked my hair and I just now realized that she was flirting with me. I’m sure that it’s not even a question as to whether or not she is still into me because I mean why wouldn’t she be. Chicago native Topher Jones is clearly still into Paramore’s “Still Into You”, seeing as how he remixed it a couple days ago and is giving it away for free. Honestly, the production quality of this track isn’t very high. The melody is catchy though and the drop is nice (and obviously the vocals are too), so it makes the cut. Cut is the better option and so is chewing gum loudly with your mouth open right next to me.


Progressive House | Topher Jones feat. James Bowers – Save Me (Josef Belani Remix)

Posted by on May 22, 2013


After listening to the remix package to Topher Jones’ “Save Me”, 21 year old Spaniard Josef Belani’s remix is without a doubt my favorite. I would be lying if I said it was unique because it isn’t. It’s what every good house song sounds like these days. Nevertheless, this is still a great remix. As well as featuring the catchy vocals of James Bowers and a build you could bathe in, this has everything you would expect from a great house track.

Beatport: Topher Jones feat. James Bowers – Save Me (Josef Belani Remix)


Electro-House | Tritonal – Azuca (Topher Jones Remix)

Posted by on January 19, 2013


At first I was a bit skeptical of how this remix would turn out because I am a big fan of the original, but upon hearing the remix in full, my doubts were alleviated. Topher Jones keeps the same trancey build from the original with the recognizable vocal sample that gives this track its unique quality, while giving it an extra jolt of energy, bringing it to any set and any stage with a powerful, churning electro drop. Tritonal is group going through new beginnings with the rebranding of their “Air Up There” podcast to “Tritonia” that you need to keep your eyes peeled on this year and also be on the look out for a remix competition for Topher Jones’ “Brohammer”, which official remixes by Nari & Milani & Ken Loi were the staples of festival sets for months.

Beatport: Tritonal – Azuca (Topher Jones Remix)

Dubstep, Progressive House | Topher Jones & Amada – Hello Chicago (Remixes)

Posted by on November 10, 2012

Topher Jones’ ode to his hometown Chicago got the remixes the track was begging for to give it the lift it needed. We start the package with a rather surprising remix from Ashley Wallbridge. He is known for his more traditional trance tracks as a member of Garuda Records, but on this remix he takes a more progressive approach with a big room build and a growling electro drop. The Tom Swoon goes for broke with as big a drop as you can get with driving synth chords and a smooth build, emphasizing Amada’s vocals. Those Usual Suspects remix utilizes chopped synth stabs and a chugging bass line to give some variation to the melody. Fellow Chicago producer, Stratus adds some fast paced, crunchy dubstep to the track, taking a totally different path taen the rest of the remixes.

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