Hip-Hop | Tef Poe Speaks Out on New Single ‘Be Careful’

Posted by on October 16, 2020

Tef Poe, St. Louis born MC and activist, has just dropped his new single “Be Careful”, and it is exactly what we needed.

Tef has consistently advocated grass-roots involvement in improving the lives of African Americans and in racial justice. In his art and activism, he insists on the value of local people taking charge of conversations about their own communities rather than relying on national organizations. For his music, never one to stray away from pressing issues and delicate topics, Tef has always used his music as a vessel for his thoughts, and after a bit of a hiatus, he is back with a new single, “Be Careful”, on which he speaks from the soul and preaches to the people.

While 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, it seems there is still some light that has come from the darkness. For Tef Poe, the adversity he has faced in the last year has only helped to propel him forward and light a new spark inside. On his latest offering, he touches on topics that have closely impacted his own life while warning listeners to be a bit more aware of where they put their trust, as written in his lyrics, “Be careful who you pray to, cuz even saying got some power that can breakthrough.

In a world ravaged by hate, unfair politics, and social injustice, Tef Poe stands to be a voice that represents his people through all the good, bad, and ugly. Go check out his new single and get a beam of light from the darkness.

Hip-Hop, Rap | Tef Poe Drops Off New Single ‘Believe Me’

Posted by on October 4, 2019

Tef Poe, an author, educator, award-winning journalist, social revolutionary and lifelong MC, is ready to make some waves with his new single, “Believe Me”. Fresh off of a month-long journey to Jordan where he represented the United States Hip Hop community as part of a fellowship with Next Level USA and after going through some personal hardships, Tef Poe’s new single is a heartfelt banger.

Now back with a new hunger and a stash of insane tracks, Tef Poe is ready to close out 2019 on a high note, starting with his new single.  Fast fire flows, deep hitting bars and an unmatched energy carry the track, sure to give longtime fans something to be excited about and new fans something fresh for their playlists.

Hip-Hop, Rap | Tef Poe Drops New Heater ‘Still Popping’

Posted by on October 12, 2018

Rising from St.Louis, Tef Poe uses his words and voice as a tool for music and injustice. Expressing his art and activism, he believes in the value of using his voice to spark change on the local and national level.

Using his music and platform as a way to speak to fans from every walk of life, Tef Poe rarely holds back when he gets inside the booth.  On his new release, “Still Popping”, produced by True on the Trac and Jackpot Hitz, Tef Poe conveys his message with confrontational one liners and 808’s that hit hard as he explains his presence.  The reflective new release serves as his debut on NYC label Tommy Boy and brings a high-energy, head knocking vibe from beginning to end.


Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Tef Poe & Rockwell Knuckles – David Ruffin Theory (Mixtape)

Posted by on December 16, 2013


Tef Poe | Rockwell Knuckles

Everytime I check up on Rockwell Knuckles he has something new, and today he released the “David Ruffin Theory,” a collaborative mixtape with Tef Poe, and you shouldn’t sleep on it. From being songwriters, lyricists, and entertainers, Rockwell and Tef can do it all, and showcase this on their project with witty hooks, dope flows, and epic beats. I’m still on my first play of the mixtape, and I’m loving it so far, ya’ll should check out the visuals for the lead single “Head Full Of Smoke.” I sincerely hope we see more of these 2 in 2014, they deserve it, only a matter of time till they get a radio hit! This is a must listen and download the mixtape for free!

Free Download: Tef Poe & Rockwell Knuckles – David Ruffin Theory


Hip-Hop, Rap | Tef Poe & Rockwell Knuckles ft Aloha Mis’ho – Night Light

Posted by on October 29, 2013

rockwell-night-lightFacebook | Twitter

St Louis native Rockwell Knuckles is one of my favorite rappers in the game, he’s underrated and under the radar, in my opinion, but I have no doubt that will all soon change for him very soon with the release of his much anticipated project David Ruffin Theory. In the mean time check out his new record  for you to drive slow to with Tef Poe  and vocals from Aloha Mi’Sho. Must listen and must download!

Free Download: Tef Poe & Rockwell Knuckles f. Aloha Mi’sho – Night Light