Progressive House | Mt. Sierra Drops Deep and Meaningful Single ‘Stop Yourself’

Posted by on October 11, 2021

Continually pumping out jams that ride the line between progressive, deep, and tech house, Matt Sierra is bringing forth excellent electronic jams again and again. Following up 2021 singles “Mt. Joel,” “When It Rains,” and now, “Stop Yourself,” it’s becoming more clear the angle that this artist is going for.

“Stop Yourself,” is his October 2021 release, featuring some elements that we have seen from his past releases, but boasting an original attitude here that’s easy to enjoy again and again.

It’s no wonder that Mt. Sierra’s production chops are up to this level, he’s a graduate of Icon Collective, one of the most respected electronic education institutions in America. Clearly the education and connection he built up there is playing as a positive into his career today.

If you like what “Stop Yourself,” has to offer, dive into to what his catalog bares thus far, you won’t be disappointed.