Interviews | Fresh New Tracks Apparel Update

Posted by on September 23, 2010

As you may have noticed, the apparel came and went. We ordered quite a bit and we sold out in 8 hours. Don’t fret though, we’ve already ordered more and we’re going to make sure that everyone that missed out will get their gear the next go around. This time, it won’t take like a million months. (We’ve changed shipping companies).

Those who have had their gear shipped to them, we’d love to hear from you. Starting today, we’ll be accepting submissions of pictures in your Fresh New Tracks gear. If you send us a picture via e-mail, we’ll post it up on the site like this one above. Capische? The picture above was sent to us by none other than Steven, a student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. If you didn’t already know, he is the founder of the Facebook group, “When I Was Your Age, Pluto Was a Planet“. I look forward to seeing more pictures!