Hip-Hop | RYDEN Shares About The Deeper Message Behind “Dear God”, Her Background, Dream Collaborations & More

Posted by on October 24, 2016

RYDEN was featured on FNT a few weeks back, delivering a feeling that was different, above-average for the genre it was tapping into, and was much deeper than the messages most songs convey. We reached out to RYDEN for an exclusive interview, highlighting her background, the story being her latest single “Dear God ft. Chase Allen”, and more.

What part of your background led to focusing on production?

RYDEN: Music has always been my first love. I’ve been in music in some form or other my entire life. I started out playing classical piano when I was a kid, and then in high school I played first violin in an orchestra for 4 years. All my years after that were spent in hip hop. In college, all I did was ditch class all the time to hang out in studios and record as a singer/songwriter. Even then, I’d always looked up to producers more than any other role in the industry.


Hip-Hop | Deltron 3030 – City Rising From The Ashes

Posted by on December 10, 2013

If you’re a hip-hop head you know about Deltron 3030, the futuristic world Del the Funkee Homosapien, Kid Koala and Dan the Automator created with funky new age beats, and ahead of its time bars: wrap it all up and you can call it classic. The trio was out working on their solo projects, though a sequel to the album was in the works, Event 2, which was released in September. Today, they release the video for “City Rising From The Ashes” off the album, a graffiti animated video. Check it!

Hip-Hop | Sunny & Reeves (of Aer) – We ‘Bout Love/M.I.A.

Posted by on January 22, 2012

What do we have here? Are one of my favorite indie/hip-hop bands splitting? Luckily no, but the dudes of Aer decided to do some solo projects. First we have Sunny, or David who is the singer, going in over Rihanna’s radio anthem “We Found Love”. Secondly is Reeves, or Carter who handles the rapping, going in on a Soulja Boy beat, which I can’t tell you because i haven’t dabbled into Soulja Boy’s music…I know it’s a shame, sorry. Anyways cop these tracks and look back for more things from Aer.

Download: Sunny – We ‘Bout Love (Rihanna Remix)

Download: Reeves – M.I.A. (Soulja Boy Remix)


Electro, House | Steve Angello & Alex Metric – Open Your Eyes | HOUSE

Posted by on February 1, 2011

When you hear Steve Angello you immediately think Swedish House Mafia…however, Steve Angello has been putting in some work on solo projects like this masterpiece, “Open Your Eyes.” Steve Angello brings his usual progressive housey vibe to this track which meshes well with Alex Metric’s older school style. The overall production is everything you’d expect from Angello, if you like house music, you need this track…expect hundreds of remixes to come.

FEATURED TRACK: Steve Angello & Alex Metric – Open Your Eyes

DOWNLOAD: Benny Benassi ft T-Pain – Electroman (Dub Remix)

Dubstep, Electro | ELECTRONIC | New Skrillex – Cat Rats

Posted by on December 14, 2010

For all of you who went through the emo/hardcore phase like I did (sadly), Skrillex, also known as Sonny Moore, was the front man for the band From First to Last. After a few attempts at solo projects he released his first EP in October 2010 which was an instant hit securing 8 of the 10 top spots on Beatport. Skrillex kills it with his unique ability to balance grungy heavy whomps with soft synths and piano, he’s almost his own genre of electronic music. Buy the EP here!

DOWNLOAD: Skrillex – Cat Rats


DOWNLOAD: Skrillex – With Your Friends (Long Drive) MUST DL

DOWNLOAD: Skrillex ft Penny – All I Ask of You MUST DL

DOWNLOAD: Skrillex – Rock N’ Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)

DOWNLOAD: Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites