Progressive House | MYNC & Senadee – No Place Like Home (Club + Denzal Park Remix)

Posted by on August 6, 2012

As previewed a few days ago, the summer sounding track from MYNC with vocals from Senadee has been released today with a great remix from Denzal Park. The club mix has a feel good vibe to it with infectious vocals, while the Denzal Park remix continues their string of progressive tracks with a big room feel, meant to played for a festival sized audience. While the other remixes are solid contenders with their harder, darker styles, Denzal Park keeps the original feel intact and adds just a bit more to make it this one better. If you didn’t already grab the free Avesta remix here.

Beatport: MYNC & Senadee – No Place Like Home (Club + Denzal Park Remix)

Progressive House | MYNC & Senadee – No Place Like Home (Club + Free Avesta Remix) [Preview]

Posted by on August 3, 2012

When I first heard this track from MYNC, the label boss of the important Cr2 records, I wasn’t super excited about it, but over time the song grew on me. It has a happy, summer feel to it with high pitched piano chords and smooth male vocals. Denzal Park gives the melody a little more with added synth layers, bringing this blissful track to another level to a pure hands in the air, festival moment. Avesta takes a different approach keeping a big room feel in the intro, adding new elements to the build with an grinding Electro House drop. This one is free, so make sure you grab this one below. Mario Fischetti takes a similar approach to Avesta except with a heavier drop. Electronic Youth take a more eclectic, chill approach to it, concentrating on the bass line, stripping much of the melody down to the bare parts and recreating much of the song as their own. The package will be released August 6th, but you can get the Avesta remix for free now!

Download: MYNC & Senadee – No Place Like Home (Avesta Remix)