Mix | VMan’s Top 10 Tracks Of 2013

Posted by on December 24, 2013


One day away from Christmas, and still 7 more days to go before the new year, so unless a banging track comes out within that time frame, these tracks stand. Obviously a lot of great music came out this year, and 10 records is too little to reflect the quality of sound that was released.

Beginning my contribution this year at FNT, I have found many tunes by known and unknown artists/producers that have captured my ears, and I’d like to dedicate this list to them. Although their name might not show up here, know that by being featured on a post alone, you’re on my ever expanding list. Music is infinity, and everyday hundreds to thousands of tracks are released that you will most likely never hear, but don’t limit yourself, keep an open mind, and be honest with your ears and your feelings! Enjoy, stay cool, and let’s make 2014 an awesome year! PEACE!