Moombahton | Rihanna ft Jay Z – Talk That Talk (Dotcom Remix)

Posted by on June 11, 2013

After breaking 180,000 plays on his breakout Scream & Shout remix, Dotcom has created more than just a buzz in the dubstep community. We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled on his twitter account & it looks like you can expect some big collabs from Dotcom in the near future. His latest release is a wildcard moombah remix of Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk” and as usual it’s got the perfect amount of the original melodies blended with Dotcom’s filthy drops & edits. Do yourself a favor and download this one.

Moombahton, Techno | Alesia – Otho & Andrea // Tune In Crew – Tous dehors

Posted by on April 30, 2013


I’m not sure why I’m lumping these tracks together. They’re really only similar in that that they are cool, free, and happen to have been written by French producers. But given that we’re now only a few weeks away from Random Access Memories, it seems sort of appropriate to cast a spotlight on some of France’s brightest up-and-comers. So, without further adieu…

First up, two new tracks from Alesia, whom you may recall recently made waves with the
now-omnipresent “Bird Machine.” Be advised: “Andrea” and “Otho” are not trap — both are dark, industrial techno carefully calibrated to get inside your head. Fellow Parisian Gesaffelstein would undoubtedly approve. If this is your poison, hop on the free DLs…and if not, do me a favor and give it a chance. Relative newcomers though they may be, Alesia are definitely a duo to keep your eyes on.

Next (and finally) we have a really interesting track that’s currently putting a gigantic smile on my face. I’m not sure what it is about “Tous dehors” — the languorous moombah bassline, the steel drum (and all the dancehall flavor it imparts), the French samples…but something about this gels fantastically when it probably shouldn’t. Super chouette!

Moombahton | La’Reda – Guns Drawn [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on March 1, 2013


La’Reda is back at again with another exclusive for you guys. These guys have just been cranking out track after track for their fans and they’re all amazing! This track is probably one of my favorites from them, because of the different genres and styles they incorporated into this one track all work so well. They took their heavy trance and electro background and fuzed them into this crushing Moombahton track. The melodies and chord progressions are outstanding alongside the 110BPm tempo and four-to-the-floor kick, which becomes a moombah kick-snare later on changing the whole feel of the track and giving it more swing. These guys have big things in store later on this year so be sure to keep an eye out for them. Grab your free download from below, because this is a must have for everyones weekend and upcoming Spring Break.

Facebook || Soundcloud


Albums, Review | Rusko – KAPOW EP

Posted by on November 5, 2012

And thus begins Rusko’s pledge to release all of his music for free in the wake of some very public complications with Mad Decent. Kudos to the dubstep don — always something of a rabble-rouser in the electronic music community — for taking an aggressive stand and choosing to operate outside of the system. KAPOW comes on the heels of Rusko’s rather disappointing collaboration with Cypress Hill and navigates us back to more familiar territory. However, this isn’t his best effort. There’s a funky, fizzy vibe to these tracks that at times gives fresh life to those trademark glitchy womps and wobbles (“Yeah”) but at others seems unfocused and chaotic (“Booyakasha”). The latter two tracks are fresh and bouncy — he even toys with a rollicking moombah bassline on “Like This” — but lack the measure of oomph that would otherwise take this EP to the next level. (Okay, to be fair, I’m also automatically comparing this to Bassnectar’s recent Freestyle EP, and that was a brilliant mind-melt that totally blows this out of the water.) This is a 6.5/10. Possibly a 7.

Fortunately, KAPOW is free if you “pay” with a tweet/Facebook status or sign up for Rusko’s newsletter, so there’s not really any reason not to download it. And his goal of self-promoting his music without label assistance is certainly worth supporting; if he is successful, it will be a clear indication that times are officially changing.

Download Free: Rusko – KAPOW EP

Dubstep | Adventure Club – Retro City

Posted by on August 1, 2012

I feel like Adventure Club epitomizes the happy medium between the underground and the accessible. Their tracks are pretty much crowd pleasers — put them on during a party and they’ll somehow manage to satisfy both the casual Avicii fans and the kids who went to see Excision instead of Eric Prydz at Identity Festival. Their latest release, “Retro City,” is in keeping with this — choppy synths, agile riffs, and a smooth drop that is restrained but has just enough edge. And then there’s the sudden tempo change midway through, which brings in some unexpected (but definitely welcome) moombah-ish funk. On the whole, this reminds me a lot of one of their earlier tracks, Do I See Color. While it’s certainly not the most exciting thing that the Montreal duo has put out, it’s definitely palatable and nicely put together.