Moombahton | Moombah Mondays

Posted by on April 16, 2012

Brown and Gammon taking his stab at some Moombah. Slowly but surely more and more artist are putting their own spin on Moombah opening doors for everyone and bringing new ideas. Not much to report this week as far as Moombahton goes. Kissy Sell  Out unleashed this monster remix for Spencer and Hill last week. Overall great sounds in this one and something different from Kissy.

D!RTY AUD!O pulls through once again making a exclusive last minute submission for FNT fans. Really excited to grab his remix of Savior coming out this Wednesday, been dying for it. Nothing less than the usual bangers from this Moombah prodigy, with another bass pumping Moombahcore remix. Grab the free download from his Facebook provided in the link below.



David Heartbreak has been shifting away from his soulful Moombah tracks lately and creating some more aggressive Trap’d and Loc’d remixes. Not going too lie most of the stuff is sounding pretty good. If you find hardstyle tough to bare, I’m not sure how you will cope with this remix.

I am kind of glad I stumbled upon this remix today by HyJax. Although people seem to dislike the original Lick It collab between Skrillex and Kaskade, this one appeals to me for some reason. Loads of bass with the perfect tempo for these synths. Be on the lookout here tomorrow for the official remixes to Lick It along with the release of the music video.

I am always nervous when I am about to listen to a remix of one of Daft Punk’s tunes. The deciding factor for me is if the Daft Punk flavor is lost within the remix, then I can’t bare to listen anymore. Luckily Kromofone was able to maintain some of that signature funk throughout this Moombahcore remix, even contributing a little of his own throughout.

Moombahton | Moombah Mondays

Posted by on April 9, 2012

First off, sorry for missing last weeks Moombah Mondays, but school can take the full blame for that. Shout out to the boys at Moomba Blasta on youtube always providing the best in Moombahton. If you haven’t subscribed to them on youtube, get on it! Lazy Rich’s new remix EP for his single The Chase released today, but this free remix was given away courtesy of Never Say Die records teaming up with Moomba Blasta. Such a great remix with a little bit of Roksonix flavor we have been seeing lately. This next track is from an artist that I really admire in Moombahton. Valentino Khan getting another one of his remixes released, and this time it’s to NAPT & Peo De Pitte’s new funky track Gonna Be Mine. Valentino’s use of new sounds and synths is what attracted me most to this dope remix. Show him some support and get it off Beatport provided in the Soundcloud link below.
NAPT & Peo De Pitte – Gonna Be Mine (Valentino Khan Remix) (PREVIEW) [OUT NOW ON BEATPORT!] by Valentino Khan



Moombahton | Moombah Mondays

Posted by on March 26, 2012

Slowly but surely more and more artist are taking their stab at some form of Moombahton. You can add Helicopter Showdown to the growing list of artists who are putting out some form of Moombahton. One of their most well known tracks, Dramatron which was a big hit during last years UMF played out by Rusko, is now in Moombah VIP form. This is definitely some of the more heavier form of Moombah and FYI at 20k likes on their Facebook page they will release this track on their upcoming EP for FREE!

Helicopter Showdown’s Facebook
Helicopter Showdown – DramaTron VIP [Clip] by Helicopter Showdown

: DFace slowly climbing his way to the top of Moombahton, just released his second EP on Rot10 Music. Lots of new sounds from him as well as veering away from the heavy Moombahcore sounds we are so used to hearing from him.  Nevertheless : Dface knows what he is doing when it comes to Moombahton so be sure to show him some support.
No Stopping EP

Bro Safari pulling a Skrillex on this tune and remixing his own track. With that said, this track is banger. He needed to add a little more spice into his SXSW and WMC sets, so he took one of his most highly known tracks, Da Worm, and buffed it up. Adding some nice transitions and BPM changes as well as a heavy bass synth sound that adds a nice flex to this track. You would be dumb not to grab this free download.
Bro Safari – Da Worm (Bro Safari: Self-Indulgent Remix) [Free Download] by BRO SAFARI

Next up is a duo that is new to me that I didn’t even know existed until I received an email about them. As individual artists you might know them as Killagraham and NYMZ. Killagraham is no stranger to heavy dubstep tunes, while NYMZ brings some House and Moombah flavor to the duo. As a group they go by Milo & Otis dropping some funky Moombah tunes. Show these guys some love and like there new Facebook page, you won’t regret it.

Milo & Otis Facebook

Wonderwall (Milo & Otis Wondermoom Mix) by Milo & Otis
Milo & Otis – Luck (Original Mix) by Milo & Otis



Moombahton | Moombah Mondays

Posted by on March 19, 2012

Sev’s got a test to study for so I am bringing you Moombah Mondays tonight. This is a big week for moombahton, with the giant cluster of amazing that is Hard Miami Moombahton Massive happening on Wednesday (D.C. represent…but seriously if you’re in Miami on Wednesday you’d be crazy to miss that) and, of course, tons of artists performing at Ultra over the weekend. No better way to kick it off than with some fresh bangers, so let’s dig right in.

First off, Bro Safari just dropped a remix of SPL’s “Back At It” and you really need to give this one a listen. This track has been getting airtime in a lot of sets recently and for good reason — it goes incredibly hard and brings that funked out moombah vibe to another level. Preview it below or download it on Beatport.

Next up are two awesome tracks from Cyberpunkers. “Dungeon” is probably my favorite track this week — it’s grade A moombahcore and delivers heavy distortions, catchy leads and a swinging bassline. You can’t listen to this and not want to dance.

This second Cyberpunkers track is on par with the above — the break after the drop is basically filthy. Who are these guys and why had I never heard of them before tonight? Their production is dope.

Lots more goodness after the jump…

Moombahton | Moombah Mondays

Posted by on March 6, 2012

Im going to continue the random, yet awesome photo trend I have been posting this past week. Sorry to keep you guys up all night waiting for Moombah Mondays, but better late then never. First up we have none other than Bro Safari getting ready to unleash his EP “Bros Gone Wild” tomorrow. Be sure to scoop it tomorrow because there are some sick originals on it as well as some fresh remixes. Here is a little minimix to hold you off for a few more hours.

Not only is he releasing his EP tomorrow, he is also giving away a free track though Scion A/V. Talk about being on a hot streak, there is no stopping him lately.
Treasure Fingers – Rooftop Revival (Bro Safari Remix) [Preview] by BRO SAFARI

Nine downloads? That doesn’t seem right, because this track is the t*ts. Ya I had to go there because these guys went all out on this Moombah drop. Recommend all Moombah fans download this one.

Jordigan, Rostik & Wespeakprose – Rome [Free Download] by Jordigan
OOAH, as most of you probably don’t know, is 1/3 of Glich Mob and 1/2 of PANTyRAiD. Giving away this nice freebie Moombah style bass music on Sunday that isn’t quite as heavy as the previous track. The track build’s up nicely with little hints of a laser synth drop on the horizon. Really feeling the new bass music movement going on lately. STRAIGHT TO THE BACK by OOAH

If anyone needs a new 30 minute Moombah mix to jam out to over spring break, look no further. We have posted a few of DJ Bent’s Moombah remixes before, but this mix is filled with banger after banger. Featuring a few of his tracks as well as bangers from all the big names in Moombah.
DJ Bent Moombahton Mix on UK’s UNITY Radio 92.8 FM (Aired 02.23.12) by DJ Bent

Moombahton | Moombah Mondays

Posted by on February 27, 2012

First off, big ups to Zoe for the sick artwork this week. I am always looking for sexy Moombah Monday artwork so if anyone wants to send over their creations, email them to me at [email protected] I did my best to get you guys as many free download tracks as possible, but I couldn’t for all of them. First up we have an update from last weeks Moombah Mondays. Andrew D’s Electric Rasta is up for free DL, just click the buy this track for the DL.

Next up we have a glimpse at some Moombah off of Alvin Risk’s new EP. I really can’t wait to see what he has in store, because all of his new material has been sounding out of this world. You have to love those lasers.

Read on because this is only the start…

Moombahton | Moombah Mondays

Posted by on February 20, 2012

Another week, another set of Moombah bangers. First up we have a veteran to Moombah Mondays and who dropped this edit only a few hours ago and of course didn’t disappoint. It none other than D!RTY AUD!O with an edit of Pick Your Poison (JWLS Remix) and oh it makes all the difference.

Another up and comer that we have posted a few times, Andrew D. with an original Mommbah track. He previewed it a while ago and I have been patiently waiting for this one. It something different, and in all the right ways. Show him some love on Soundcloud because he has some big things in the works coming soon.

SubVibe releasing a sick free EP today with dubstep, electro and this moombahcore banger! If you can’t handle your moombah with a little fire in it I suggest you refrain from this because SubVibe brings the heat. Such a sick track and a must download.

To end on a lighter note we have a sicknasty funky moombahton styled remix that is beyond dope. This is such a chill track, but it also brings the funk spiced with some nice latin love. I recommend everyone peep this track because it can definitely be enjoyed by everyone.