House | LVNDSCAPE & Joel Baker Deliver Uplifting, Melodic Anthem, “Speeches”

Posted by on December 1, 2015

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Pan flute synths and bongo-like drums are the ultimate trademarks of tropical house, and, after a while, those sounds can become repetitive. Luckily for us, mysterious producer, LVNDSCAPE, is revamping those sounds through his music, all of which comes to a culmination in his latest track “Speeches,” featuring the captivating vocals of Joel Baker. With light synths backing Joel’s raspy vocals, LVNDSCAPE sets the stage for a beautiful breakdown of upbeat progressions and a continuously catchy vocal melody. This track further solidify’s LVNDSCAPE’s position as one to watch out for in the house realm. Buy or stream “Speeches” here!

Tropical House | “Every Single Piece” Of LVNDSCAPE’s Remix Is Tropically Incredible

Posted by on May 28, 2015

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Other than a bootleg of Ed Sheeran that is almost at half a million plays and a brand new remix of “Every Single Piece” to go off of, there’s not much we know about LVNDSCAPE. The shrouded producer though obviously has a knack for summertime sounds and his remix of Redondo & Bolier’s “Every Single Piece” is all you ned to know about him. It’s the perfect remix as we approach June. LVNDSCAPE lets the original hold the framework of his remix but he overlays this glossy, sun-drenched melody that will only make you grin the widest smile you never thought was possible. This track is just about people having the best time possible to the best music out there.