Progressive House | Crystal Fighters – Love Alight (Live City Remix)

Posted by on September 30, 2014

Crystal Fighters - Love Alight (Live City Remix)
Nipping on the heels of their free, official remix for Magic Man’s “Out Of Mind”, Live City waste no time in releasing another freemix (free remix). Now they add their cheery, progressive take on Crystal Fighters tune “Love Alright”, who are reeling from the tragic passing of their much loved drummer Andrea Marongiu. RIP. Live City went the unconventional route with this remix and actually reached out to the band to remix the song, who had heard of Live City and gave them the go ahead to remix the tune. Thus this track was born and is now yours for free. Enj…. ust kidding.

Free Download: Crystal Fighters – Love Alight (Live City Remix)

Progressive House | Magic Man – Out Of Mind (Live City Remix)

Posted by on September 17, 2014

Magic Man - Out Of Mind (Live City Remix)

Ethan of Live City told me I could just write “It’s great, download it now” for a post, but I have a bit higher standards then that. Continuing their trend of indie remixes, Live City release their officially sanctioned remix for Magic Man “Out Of Mind” for free 99. They keep much of the original feel, notably the vocals, but add a cheery melody and poignant piano to the tune. As previously stated, it is free so grab it below.

Free Download: Magic Man – Out Of Mind (Live City Remix)

Progressive House | Noosa – Begin Again (Live City Remix)

Posted by on July 12, 2014

Noosa - Begin Again (Live City Remix)Another day, another superb free remix from Live City. This time they take on NYC indie artist, Noosa who they describe as “to put it briefly, extremely dope”, and I would not argue that point. They add their own instrumental they sits alongside Noosa’s vocals and then add a little more oomph to the climax. Grab this freebee below.

Free Download: Noosa – Begin Again (Live City Remix)


Electro-House | Live City – Shot Calla

Posted by on May 21, 2014

Live City - Shot CallaTheir remix for September “Cry For You” was absolute jam, so not to rest on their laurels, Live City, residents of Jam City, are back with another tune. Like their previous efforts on Lift Off & Brooklyn Fire, they get down and dirty with a strong hint of Melbourne. The bounce is coming your way and quickly so hop on board before it runs you over.

Beatport: Live City – Shot Calla

Progressive House | September – Cry For You (Live City Remix)

Posted by on May 3, 2014

September - Cry For You (Live City Remix)
2014 is starting to shape up into something great for Live City. They have already unleashed a boatload of free remixes, in addition to some tunes on Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Records & The Disco Fries Liftoff Recordings. The duo continue to write more and more music and it is starting to pay off with approving looks from big labels coming. They tide us over with this remake of an absolute jam, September’s “Cry For You” giving it the upbeat melodic energy that is fit for present day, while still paying proper homage to its brilliance.

Free Download: September – Cry For You (Live City Remix)

Electro-House | Live City – Slingshot

Posted by on March 31, 2014

Live City - Slingshot

Live City have been on tear lately and it culimates in the release of “Slingshot” via Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Recordings. Their relationship with Tommie goes well beyond a few signed records, they have done a ton of tracks together and Tommie has been a sensei to them. This acid influenced fireball has been supported by some bug names like Marcus Schossow, Sander van Doorn and Benny Benassi all supporting in person. Grab this tune and head out to see them at Slake on the 18th if you are in NYC.

Beatport: Live City – Slingshot

Progressive House | Mikey Wax – You Lift Me Up (Live City Remix)

Posted by on March 22, 2014

Mikey Wax - You Lift Me Up (Live City Remix)

This is a two for one post. Ethan of Live City in sending this over to me, predicted that the original is going to be huge this year, a surefire soundtrack for commercials very soon. I won’t disagree with him there, and neither will I disagree with his rendition of the tune, adding an upbeat progressive twist to Mikey Wax’s work. This is perfect for your weekend. If you are in NYC, go and check them our with the Disco Fries and Aire Atlantica at Slake on the 18th. It is going to be a wild time.

iTunes: Mikey Wax – You Lift Me Up (Live City Remix)