Hip-Hop | Ash Riser Drops First Single Off Upcoming LP GHOSTS

Posted by on May 24, 2017

If you’re looking for a fresh face in hip-hop, look no further than the wicked Ash Riser. He’s got the punk rock attitude packed into a rap emcee. In the coming months he will be releasing his LP, GHOSTS, but before that we’re going to get some singles to entice listeners for the full project and entice they shall. Even with the first single “Lord Don’t Fail Me Now” Ash already has people waiting and ready at the edge of their seats. His unique, darkened style is something that has a sort of mystifying quality to it that has attracted myself and others. Not only that characteristic is intriguing, but the quality of his songwriting is nothing short of superb.

Ash Riser – Lord Don’t Fail Me Now feat. Left Brain: Purchase

Hip-Hop, Rap | OFWGKTA – Extinguisher

Posted by on October 16, 2013

Most people veer away from Odd Future for their explicit and uncomfortable lyrics, but personally, I love the controversy. They turn heads and interest people in the most unnerving way, which is what music is all about. Mellowhigh – which is a collaboration of Mellowhype’s Hodgy Beats & Left Brain – created a lot of anticipation for their upcoming, self-titled album with the release of the single ‘Extinguisher’. Not too long, only 2 minutes long, with great production and a solid beat, I’m impressed and excited for the album.