Twerk | 4B And AAZAR Keep Festival Season Alive With New Single “POP DAT”

Posted by on November 12, 2015

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4B is Mad Decent’s latest promising talent to emerge with some all-star collaboration to make sure dance music fans have him on their radar. Already, he’s remixed Fetty Wap with Flosstradamus, collaborated with Mercer on “Bounce,” and now teams up with AAZAR on “POP DAT.” Luke’s classic single “I Wanna Rock” receives a vocal placement in the track to set an energetic mood, but once 4B and AAZAR let their terrifying jungle melody run free, it’s clear these two are not letting the cold weather and festival season’s end get to them. Fans of trap, jungle terror, twerk, jersey club, and other bass-heavy genres will want to check this beast out, and the duo is giving away “POP DAT” for free via Mad Decent so cop a copy here.

Ambient | Yahtzel – High With Me

Posted by on August 9, 2013


Where do I even begin with this song? There are so many things right with this song, it’s unbelievable. The simple melodic piano, the high pitch voice that just works, the fantastic drums, those jungle vibes towards the end of the song, the list goes on and on. Get in tune with Yahtzel and the genre that is ambient trap, it’s coming for ya. Peep this track below and like the man’s FB for the download. You’re gonna want it, trust me.

Electro-House, Preview | Wayne & Woods vs. Henrix – Jumangee (Preview)

Posted by on June 27, 2013

Wayne & Woods vs. Henrix 'Jumangee

When I hear the word Jumangee, I think of the terrifyingly awesome board game (spelled differently, I KNOW) that sucks you in for 26 years and spits you out with a wide assortment of jungle animals. Now how is that related to this track from Wayne & Woods and Henrix? Probably not at all, though the thumping lead in the drop could be like the elephant crashing through the nearest wall in your house as it charges relentlessly towards you. Watch out for that elephant and for this track July 8th. The elephant may be a more immediate danger, so take care of that first or else July 8th will be the least of your worries.


Drum & Bass | DnB Fridays

Posted by on August 17, 2012

As if the original wasn’t great enough, this DnB remix by Mattix and Futile takes this track to the next level. Keeping things simple, but not boring, these guys definitely filled in all the gaps for me that were left in this track and completed the EP.

Big ups to W8 for finding this awesome DnB tune. He nailed it with this uplifting original tune from Neutralize featuring vocals from Emily Underhill.

Another uplifting tune steering away from the heavy Dnb, but not too liquid either. This awesome futuristic sounding drum and bass never gets old and always brings me to a state of euphoria.

This one changes the mood a little to a more jungle styled dnb. This reminds me of some of the older dnb that used to be produced a few years back.  Nothing too fancy, but fast paced enough to get the crowd going.

Last but not list I recommend everyone pre-order this awesome dnb compilation releasing from one of Mach and I’s favorite labels, InfraRed Music. Veteran artist Wickaman has been tearing apart the dnb scene through this label lately and all of his tracks are absolutely crazy.

Dubstep | True Tiger — Eye to Eye EP

Posted by on April 16, 2012

True Tiger’s second EP has been released on their new label; the first being Haze’s EP. I hate to say this, but finally the wait for Eyeball is over. It was put up on UKF at the end of October when it was said to be released within the upcoming weeks, and obviously it never was. Since then their highly played track, Eyeball, has been destroying venues everywhere and personally I can’t get enough of it. Also on the EP are Motor Oil, Ghost, and Mystical East. Motor Oil and Ghost both are also top quality dubstep tunes. Mystical East is that track nobody expects on a Dubstep artist’s EP; like we saw Gemini do on his latest EP. It is a mellow, almost jungle sounding tune that is like nothing I have heard. You can grab the EP on Beatport HERE.



Albums, Hip-Hop | Gordon Bombay – Unburstable Bubble

Posted by on March 1, 2012

Mod Sun just released the last song off the Gordon Bombay 3 track album, Unburstable Bubble. Gordon Bombay is a group that consists of Mod Sun, Pat Brown, JCW and Zachary Garren. All proceeds of this project go to Charity Water. They’re doing this for a good cause and the minimum donation is only 50 cents so you can’t go wrong!