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Posted by on February 6, 2012

Bingo Players – Rattle (La’REDA Moombah Remix)
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Bro Safari – Media Contender Podcast #14
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Bingo Players track Rattle was created with the perfect melody for a Moombah track. That’s why whenever I stumbled on this bass bumping Moombah remix by La’REDA I knew exactly where it was going. I was lucky enough to meet Bro Safari this past week at Dillon Francis’s show, and recently he unleashed this monster hour long Moombahton mix. I recommend every Moombahton fan download it because you won’t be disappointed. First up we have Josh Miller, back on Moombah Mondays for two weeks in a row with a remix of Bingo Players Devotion. Josh brings the bass in this remix and leaves you with no choice but to dance.

DOWNLOAD: Bingo Players – Devotion (Josh Miller Moombahton Bootleg Remix)

Oh I forgot to mention if you like Josh Miller’s style but want something heavier he also dropped this monster Moombahcore remix of Waterdrops.

DOWNLOAD: Requake – Waterdrops (Josh Miller Extended Moombahcore Bootleg)

Another veteran to Moombah Mondays, : DFace with his latest freebie for hitting 2K fans. This track has that signature heavy Moombahcore style that : Dface always brings to the table.

DOWNLOAD: Deathcab for Cutie – I’ll Follow You Into the Dark (: Dface Moombahton Remix)

Silent H! has created a strange mashup/moombah remix of Skrillex, Feed Me, and Knife Party and although I am not a fan of mashups, I can’t stop listening to this one.

DOWNLOAD: Silent H! – Bang A Freaky Lady Party

Wick-it dropping this unique remix of California Love. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but after a few listens I was hooked.

DOWNLOAD: Dr. Dre – Still California (Wick-it Moombahton Remix)

Mach sent me this track by ### today and as you will hear, the vocals drove me away the first time. After ### emailed me the track and I had a second listen you could say I had a change of heart.


Last but not least D-V3KZ’s remix of Diplo Hates You. I can’t get enough of the heavy sounds in this Moombahcore remix.

DOWNLOAD: Dani Deahl Ft. Oh!Snap – Diplo Hates You (D-V3KZ Loves You Remix)