Review | Dash Berlin’s “We Are, Pt. 1” Tops iTunes Charts

Posted by on September 1, 2014


Earlier this morning, Armada announced that part one of Dash Berlin’s “We Are, Pt. 1” album has reached number one on the iTunes dance charts. “We Are” is a concise 8 track offering from the Dutch legend, who enlisted the help of acts like 3LAU, John Dahlback, Disfunktion, Jay Cosmic for their production prowess. Perhaps the vocalists shine the brightest, as Dash also included Bright Lights, Collin McLoughlin, and Roxanne Emery on part one of this exceptional body of work.


Standout tracks on the album include “Here Tonight” and “Never Let You Go” that have the ability to transport you into another realm. Dash Berlin’s “We Are” ranks as one of our favorite albums this year, and it’s more than deserving of it’s current position iTunes. There’s no question about it, #WeAre impressed. Keep an eye out for “We Are, Pt. 2” coming soon. Shout out to LK and Borys!

iTunes: Dash Berlin – We Are Pt. 1

Electro-House | Lazy Rich – Insomnia (Incl John Dahlback Remix)

Posted by on March 7, 2013


Canadian Lazy Rich makes his return to Chris Lake’s Rising Music with a new single “Insomnia” tabbing the label head’s wife, Gita Lake for vocals. Gita Lake’s vocals accompany a smooth piano driven build that crescendoes into a vintage Lazy Rich drop with gritty low end synths and a thumping bass line. John Dahlback continues his high rate of production going into WMC with a solid remix of blaring bleeps and well timed electro growls.

Beatport: Lazy Rich – Insomnia (Incl John Dahlback Remix)

Progressive House | Michael Calfan vs John Dahlback feat. Andy P – Let Your Mind Go

Posted by on February 11, 2013

Michael Calfan burst onto the scene with his debut single on Axtone “Resurrection” that still continues to see the occasional play and John Dahlback has become known for his prolific ability to produce unique tracks. The duo tab Andy P to add infectious vocals to this soaring melody with quick alternating percussion and a grungy build that has John Dalhback’s name all over it. Michael Calfan rarely puts out singles and when he does, they are quality, and when Dahlback puts his name on a track, you are going to hear something new and “Let Your Mind Go” gives you the mix of both of their talents.

Beatport: Michael Calfan vs John Dahlback feat. Andy P – Let Your Mind Go


Electro-House | John Dahlback – Pressure

Posted by on January 28, 2013

One of the hardest working Swedes is back with another offering for the first of what should be many in 2013. “Pressure” continues the trend of grungy electro tracks we saw from him towards the tail end of 2012. With a gritty low end, a punchy bass line and a smattering of big room synths throughout, John Dahlback shows once again that even in his many tracks, he is still able to keep them all unique. Do not hesitate to see him out on tour as he makes his way across North America this month.

Beatport: John Dahlback – Pressure

Progressive House | John Dahlback vs. Ron Carroll – Don’t Be Silent

Posted by on December 9, 2012

John Dahlback has been one of the most prolific producers in 2012, with productions that seem to always sound totally unique from each other. “Don’t Be Silent” veers away from the type of productions he has been espousing towards the end of this year in “Zeus“, “Sing That“, and “Panic” and moves towards a more feel good type of progressive track. Using Ron Carroll’s soulful vocals as a base, John Dahlback expertly crafts an uplifting melody with the occasional electro stutter to bring together maybe not his most unique effort of late, but certainly one worth having.

Beatport: John Dahlback vs. Ron Carroll – Don’t Be Silent

Electro-House | John Dahlback – Panic / Whats Up Now

Posted by on October 2, 2012

John Dahlback’s triumphant return to Chris Lake’s music, takes the form of a superb, genre melding two track EP, “Panic / Whats Up Now”. It is really rather incredible how John Dahlback can be getting all of these tracks released in such short span of each other with “Sing That” getting released last week, and “Zeus” not three weeks before that and to jump between styles the way he does shows just how creative and talented a producer he is. “Panic”, as previewed in his 2012 preview compilation, features jarring, grungy synths and pounding bass, while the second track, “What’s Up Now” infuses acid with strong basslines and an aggressive vocal.

Beatport: John Dahlback – Panic / Whats Up Now

House | John Dahlback – Sing That

Posted by on September 28, 2012

John Dahlback is one of the most unique and multifaceted producers out there in house music. He can make a song that fits in perfectly with Toolroom, then go off a make a big room track for Big Beat or Phazing, then come back with something grungy like “Comet” or “Zeus“. He also has his side gig “Demure“, where he makes chillout tracks and recently released a free album. “Sing That” combines an infectious melody aided by repetitive vocal bits that builds and builds at a frenetic pace . This track may take a few listens to really grow on you, but soon enough you will become hooked on John Dahlback’s grooves.

Beatport: John Dahlback – Sing That