Progressive House | Fehrplay – Everywhere You Go

Posted by on June 30, 2014

Fehrplay - Everywhere You Go

Eric Prydz is my favorite producer, so it is only logical for that love to follow to his protégés Jeremy Olander and Fehrplay. I have found it somewhat odd that Fehrplay signed over with Ultra, which he did with a flourish at Mysteryland, however I am sure the business side of things made sense. His debut release on the label has everything you want from the Swedish prog sensation, with a super funky bass line, fluttering arps and piano to bring it all together.

Beatport: Fehrplay – Everywhere You Go

House | Jeremy Olander – Bandersnatch

Posted by on December 23, 2013

Jeremy Olander - BandersnatchAfter his “Petroleum” remix on Pryda Friends, Jeremy Olander returns home to finish out the year with a thumping new single “Bandersnatch. Referring to the mystical creature in Lewis Carroll’s “Through The Looking Glass”, and later in “Alive In Wonderland”, the track has an ominous, foreboding quality. “Bandersnatch” bridges the gap between some of his more progressive productions and what we have seen in tracks like “Animal Garden” or “Rose Law”, making this something for all of his fans tastes. When Eric Prydz describes your track as “Oh my god, what a banger”, you know there is something special.

Beatport: Jeremy Olander – Bandersnatch

House, Preview | Fehrplay – Talk To Me (Preview)

Posted by on July 15, 2013

Fehrplay Monte / Talk To Me

When Eric Prydz endorses you the way he has like for Fehrplay, you know there is some special talent in the guy. Fehrplay recently previewed the A-side to this two track EP, “Monte“, and now reveals what will be the B-side with “Talk To Me“. Like the A-side, “Talk To Me” shows the middle ground in Fehrplay’s sound that balances both big progressive tracks like “I Can’t Stop It” and darker, brooding techno tracks, like his The Child Of Lov remix. Preview them both below and look for the release in two weeks time on July 29th. Fehrpkay will be going on a small North American Pryda Friends tour alongside fellow label mate Jeremy Olander in August, so be sure to grab tickets today.

8/9 Create, LA
8/10 Space, Miami
8/14 Beacham, Orlando
8/16 Castle, Chicago
8/17 Mezzanine, San Francisco


House | Jeremy Olander – Let Me Feel

Posted by on March 5, 2013

Pryda Friends protégé, Jeremy Olander makes his return to Eric Prydz’s revered label after releasing a few free tracks and making a stop over at Mark Knight’s Toolroom Records. “Let Me Feel” is another super progressive and melodic track from Jeremy Olander with a rolling bass line, a strong groove and an intoxicating melody of quick key strokes, piano and just the right amount of male vocals. Having shown off over a dozen unreleased tracks in his Frisky Radio mix a few months back, this single is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can expect to see from the Swedish producer in 2013. After the jump you can preview the Eric Prydz dub mix of “Let Me Feel” that is a more stripped back version of it. Because Miami is coming right up (we will have more previews soon), you can catch him on a boat with Pierce Fulton, Jaytech and Khoma on Saturday the 23rd — so if you aren’t inside the gates of Ultra at that time, check them out. Grab tickets here.

Beatport: Jeremy Olander – Let Me Feel


House | Jeremy Olander – Pusher / Put Out

Posted by on December 24, 2012

Pryda Friends Protégé, Jeremy Olander in the giving spirit of the holiday season, just as he did last year, has decided to give out another two track EP for free. Both tracks stay true to Jeremy Olander’s production style of chugging bass lines and progressive ebb and flows, with “Put Out” emphasizes rapidly developing melodies and subtly quivering key play, while “Pusher” gives us one of his more energetic productions that builds and builds with its driving bass line and powerful synths. With recent productions like “Norrsken” and “The Rose Law / Rorschach EP“, Jeremy Olander is finishing out 2012 very strong and with the Frisky Radio showcase below, the future is incredibly bright for 2013 and beyond with 16 unreleased tracks from him in the mix. Tracklist after the jump.

Free Download: Jeremy Olander – Put Out

Free Download: Jeremy Olander – Pusher


House | Jeremy Olander – Norrsken

Posted by on October 15, 2012

As part of Toolroom Records’ ADE compilation, Jeremy Olander has released his next single “Norrsken” or Northern Lights in Swedish. First premiered on EPIC Radio episode 004, Jeremy Olander continues his hallmark house tracks that build and build with a sturdy bass line, subtle atmospheric melodies, gentle, playful arps and chopped vocal bits. Jeremy Olander has been on fire lately with releases like The Rose Law / Rorschach EP and “Audio Bug“, so expect more in this strong finish to 2012 from the young Swedish Pryda Friends asset.

Beatport: Jeremy Olander – Norrsken

House | Jeremy Olander – The Rose Law / Rorschach EP

Posted by on September 17, 2012

After releasing “Audio Bug” for free on Friday, Jeremy Olander leaves Pryda Friends for Cr2 Records to release this two track EP, The Rose Law / Rorschach. Both of them contain the signiature style that we see from the Eric Prydz apprentice, while still remaining true to his own unique style of progressive house. Jeremy Olander gives the tracks long techy builds and then adds delicate key play and ambient chords that left uninterrupted will leave you in a trance.