Progressive House | Everywhere – Soldier (Jakob Liedholm Remix)

Posted by on October 8, 2013


Practically every single track that Jakob Liedholm releases is superb and his latest is no different. This time it’s a remix of Swedish band Everywhere’s “Soldier” and, like always, he does brilliant work transforming the original into a great progressive track.

Beatport: Everywhere – Soldier (Jakob Liedholm Remix)

Progressive House | Capital Cities – Safe and Sound (Henrix & Darmon Remix)

Posted by on May 28, 2013


Notable Miami based producer Henrix teamed up with newcomer Darmon to remix the Capital Cities hit song “Safe and Sound”. Following the same sound as his collaborations with Jakob Liedholm, this remix strays from his hard hitting style and goes for the more uplifting approach. The result is a track that is definitely worth a listen.

Progressive House | Henrix – Rock This Dream EP

Posted by on April 9, 2013

Henrix - Rock This Dream EP

Henrix has been nearly unstoppable lately proving himself as a name to watch in 2013, with his Size Records release “Hit It” with fellow Miami producers Digital Lab and GTA still tearing up sets across the globe and leaving its mark as one of the biggest tracks of the year thus far. The EP sandwiches 2 Henrix’s signature driving tracks around another big room room collab with Swedish wunderkid Jakob Liedholm.

“Rock This Dream” has been sitting near the top of the DMC Buzzchart for quite some time now as Laidback Luke reaps the benefits of signing this track that was deemed “not EDM enough” by some labels. The opening vocals from Roland Clark set the tone for a powerful, hard hitting percussive drop that even Laidback Luke is dreaming about. The second collab between Henrix & Jakob Liedholm “Losing My Mind“, takes Jakob Liedholms seemingly inexhaustible ability to create uplifting melodies and pairs it with Henrix’s melodic tendencies, all accentuated by Giuseppe Viola‘s outstanding vocal. “Viral” may get the least buzz on the EP at the end of the day, but do not sleep on this driving track that uses a cheeky sample of “Kashmir” from Led Zeppelin.

Rock This Dream

Beatport: Henrix – Rock This Dream EP


Progressive House | Henrix – Miami Heaters – Volume 2: The WMC EP

Posted by on March 13, 2013


Miami native Henrix has seen the yearly worldwide dance music pilgrimage for Ultra come and go and patiently waited his turn to make his mark on the most important week in dance music. This time with 7 gigs coming up, he is kicking it off with a 3 track EP with some of his most requested tracks including the Tiesto supported “After All”. With his much anticipated single “Hit It” still sitting high in the charts and ready to rock stages at UMF, he turns back to the mode of free downloads to give out more quality tunes.

The EP sandwiches the acid fueled “Miami Bounce” with 2 massive big room tracks. “After All” makes good work of chopped vocal bits, aiding Eran Hersh’s etheral vocals over a sublime melody of soaring synths and a playful piano top line. For those of you saying this is a cheap knock off of “Million Voices”, here is a clip of it being made before “Million Voices” was even public. “Close Your Eyes” is the first of several collabs between two of our artists to watch in 2013, Henrix and Jakob Liebholm, as they tab Zashanell to lay down angelic vocals over an uplifting big room track that shows the subtlety of Jakob Liedholm’s sound and the melodic sensibilities that Henrix is capable of drawing upon.

Free Download: Henrix – Miami Heaters – Volume 2: The WMC EP

Progressive House | Jakob Liedholm – Ocean, Eli, Beautiful (Remix)

Posted by on February 21, 2013


Jakob Liedholm, one of our artists to watch in 2013, recently hit 10000 likes on Facebook and as way of saying thanks, he has given away three of his tracks for free. Keeping consistent with his signature style, all three of these tracks are the type of cheerful, uplifting tunes that you would come to expect from him. Ranging from the unique use of guitar throughout “Eli”, to the high energy build in his and Tim Norell’s remix of Parker Ighile’s “So Beautiful”, to the amazing, bigroom drop in “Ocean”, these are all must listens.  If you enjoyed any of these tracks be sure to give him a like on Facebook if you haven’t already.
















Free Download: Jakob Liedholm – Ocean (Mashup Mix)

Free Download: Jakob Liedholm – Eli (Original Mix)

Free Download: Parker – Beautiful (Jakob Liedholm & Tim Norell Remix)

Progressive House | Jakob Liedholm & Tim Norell ft. Nick Nikon – Lights

Posted by on January 8, 2013

If you follow Jakob Liedholm on his socials you know he is a producing machine and previews new and upcoming tracks all the time. Since the 16 year old Swedish wunderkind just hit 7500 Facebook fans, he has decided to give away his collab with fellow Swede Tim Norell, utilizing vocals from Nick Nikon’s track “Club Lights”. The duo construct a slow soothing build, letting the borrowed vocals from Nick Nikon shine better then they did in the original, bringing to a climax of big room synths and subtle low end oscillations. With his release with Henrix & Zashanell “Close Your Eyes” set to be released soon & many more IDs in the pipeline, Jakob Leidholm is poised to have a stellar 2013.

Free Download: Jakob Liedholm & Tim Norell ft. Nick Nikon – Lights

Bootleg, Progressive House | Alesso – Years (Jakob Liedholm’s Open Your Eyes Edit)

Posted by on May 16, 2012

When it comes to electronic music, is there anything the Swedes can’t do? Jakob Liedholm is a 15 year-old Swedish producer whom we previously featured for his big room-ready adaptation of “Some Nights” by indie band Fun. Now, he takes Alesso’s progressive house monster “Years” and deftly ties in the vocals from “Eyes Wide Open” by Thomas Gold and Dirty South. The result? An epic, uplifting jam to get you in the right mindset for EDC this weekend (fun fact: Alesso, Dirty South, and Thomas Gold will all be there!)

If Mr. Liedholm’s past work is any indication, we can definitely expect to see big things down the road. Keep an eye on this young Swede; I’ve got a feeling he won’t disappoint.