House, Techno | Boys Noize – Go Hard EP

Posted by on June 25, 2013

boys noize

Is there anyone out there quite like Boys Noize? With his latest EP, the aptly titled Go Hard, the talented Mr. Ridha once again proves that he’s pretty much in a league of his own. His high octane brand of acid house is present in each of the five new tracks debuted yesterday (with the possible exception of “Starwin,” which is replete with acidy squelches but ultimately a buoyant disco confection), but the more remarkable feat is the level of versatility he displays. The EP veers from ominous and consummately analogue (“Inhale/Exhale”) to techno meets trap with notes of hardstyle (the titular “Go Hard”) to the aforementioned “Starwin,” which sounds like something Madeon might make after watching the full Discovery video and then sucking down a bunch of nitrous. “Excuse Me” (escoooooz me) and “Push Em Up” are both hard-nosed dance floor jams that are impossible not to move to. Go Hard is well worth the cost of an iTunes download — in the grand Boys Noize tradition, it manages to be dark, fun, energetic and fresh all at once.

iTunes: Boys Noize – Go Hard EP