House | “More Of Your Love” A Clear & Haunting Production From Mysterious Duo HIDD3N HAND

Posted by on February 20, 2021

A clear haunting aesthetic intertwines with striking hi-hat and rhythmic bass drum samples on “More Of Your Love.” Duo HIDD3N HAND are the responsible party for the infectious, yet simplistic house release.

Finding a home at the house, techno, and UKG embracing label Maison Fauna, “More Of Your Love” was an all-around natural fit given the parameters.

The single certainly serves an audience demanding this type of music in 2021, relevance and distinction being apart of what is conveyed through the work. Far from the last release from both the alias and the label at hand here, “More Of Your Love,” has many attributes that are authentically worth highlighting. From tip to tail, house fans as well as dance fans in general looking for something with a bit more zest and illusiveness may look no further than “More Of Your Love.”