Hip-Hop | Security Cop Talk – D.Tucker [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on June 28, 2012

In commemoration of Go Skate Day, D.Tucker releases a jam for everyone’s shredding pleasure. After first watching the video with the volume on, I turned the volume off and just appreciated the sheer awesomeness of D.Tucker’s skating. The song fits the mood of the song perfectly, and is only strengthened by the crisp visuals. D. Tucker had this to say about the release: “Not all skater-cops are bad ones, but the majority are assholes and this my message to them. This song is for skaters around the world that feel proud being a skater, all we want to do is have a good time.” So in addition to a great song, with great visuals, D. Tucker is making a point. This video makes me want to go out and skate, even though I would probably fall flat on my face.