Mashups | Will Drusch Mashups

Posted by on November 30, 2010

It’s always refreshing to discover a new mashup artist who can handle tempos, levels, and avoid awkward spots. For a kid working off of his free version of Garage Band, Will Drusch isn’t doing all that bad in this game. Although he’s using older tracks, what’s coming out of my speakers sounds fresh and new… This video above inspired me to get a mullet for a second but then I came to my senses. “I approach you from the front you’re kinda like wow this dudes pretty serious then I walk away and you’re like damn he likes to party with two R’s”.

Will Drusch – Call Me A Mili and Act a Fool

Will Drusch – Say Lollipop

Will Drusch – Buy You A Remix To Ignition

Will Drusch – Freaky Mobbin

BONUS: Here’s another mash that uses Call On Me – purely Jock Jams… Love it, definitely some party fuel.
Mr. Rogers Productions – Call On Me If You Wanna Jam