Hip-Hop | SAFETY CLUB wants you to start “feelin’ yourself” on their charismatic debut video “JUICE”

Posted by on April 30, 2021

Meet SAFETY CLUB; hailing from Australia, this rap duo takes cue from the sounds of Chicago’s hip-hop scene and the funk influenced R&B sounds of The Internet and Kaytranada. They’ve just released their debut single and video for “JUICE”, an upbeat, trap-driven banger about “feeling yourself”.

In the playful accompanying video, directed by producer Shan, we find vocalist Ronnie Sinclair rapping to the camera as he dances his way through the aisles.  Whilst “JUICE” is dripping in hip-hop flair and a subtle sense of irreverence, it’s lyrical matter is certainly poignant. Covering themes of being positive whilst sticking it to the naysayers, this is an ultra catchy track we think rap fans are going to fall in love with. 
Of the video production process, SAFETY CLUB shared that the video was “shot in approximately one hour and fifteen minutes after a series of catastrophic gear failures, finishing with a minute to spare, no time for playback and no confirmation that they actually got the shots until the next day. Once again, the classic SAFETY CLUB adage has been confirmed: perfect everything in life by practicing in your kitchen for three days in a row and nothing can stop you”.