Trance | Armin van Buuren – Communication Part 3 (Remixes)

Posted by on February 4, 2013

Armin van Buuren’s 1999 hit “Communication” is undoubtedly one of the most iconic tracks in trance. Its dark, haunting melody has stood the test of time, and while it certainly has a classic, late 90’s vibe it also still sounds amazing in 2013. Over the years it has seen two major remakes (Part 2 in 2000 and Part 3 in 2007), and now, in what is perhaps a long overdue move from Armada Music, it’s getting the full remix treatment (from four of trance’s brightest stars, no less).

All of these remixes are excellent in their own right. John Askew — a genre purist who recently took to Facebook to decry the amount of electro house currently being passed off as trance (#respek) — puts out a techy and monstrously hard-hitting rework at 140 bpm. Faruk Sabanci’s rendering enhances the airy piano theme and retools the main hook into a big, dramatic, and utterly riveting cascade of synths. Expect to hear a lot of his remix now that we’re getting into ASOT 600 season. James Dymond folds orchestral strings and choral bursts on top of some relentless kicks, while Thomas Heredia gives the track sawtoothy, electro-tinged heft. On the whole, all four producers did an absolutely fantastic job reinterpreting a rather unimpeachable classic. Listen to Armin’s original version at the top, and then check out the finished products below.

Beatport: Armin van Buuren – Communication Part 3 (Remixes)