Dubstep | xKore — Stabs EP

Posted by on July 30, 2012

The heavy hitting xKore’s newest EP “Stabs” was released on Inspected today. Most well known for his powerful, vicious growl sounds and laser synths, this is has just the right combination and amout of both. Although most people were waiting to hear the new bass bumping tracks he had produced; I think it was his melodic masterpiece Empty Space that won me over on the EP. The heavy hitting tracks like Boom and Stabs are still amazing tracks, but Empty Space stood out to me the most and won me over immediately. Being able to accommodate both sides of the spectrum is a big aspect in my eyes as far as the well roundedness of a producer is concerned and this isn’t the first time xKore has exhibited that aspect. All in all xKore shows us no obstacle is to tough for him to tackle when producing multiple genres. He can either destroy your face with bass or melt you heart out with his amazing melodies, sounds and great use of accompanied vocals. Don’t sleep on this one of a kind EP and grab it off Beatport HERE.