Progressive House | Michael Woods & Sheldon Feat. Polina – Goodbye

Posted by on July 27, 2012

Michael Woods has been a busy man recently with a long string of releases in July including remix of “Power & Control” & his edit of “Balance” on his label Diffused. Now the underrated British House prorudcer of Guyanese & Argentian decent has released his single “Goodbye” with the help of Sheldon and Polina on the vocals who has worked with Laidback Luke, Archie, Michael Canitrot and many more. The track starts of with Polina’s gorgeous vocals and a distorted synth line that moves into a well crafted, uplifting synth melody that carries the track with a thumping bass line. Also included is a freebee from Michael Woods that he gave out a little while ago for the 4th of July, despite him being British, which has a bit of a harder, more bass oriented side to his sound, showing the diversity in his productions.

Progressive House | Marina & The Diamonds – Power & Control (Michael Woods Remix)

Posted by on July 23, 2012

British progressive house talent, Michael Woods has been quite busy lately, putting out plenty of remixes and originals, all the while commanding an impressive label at Diffused. Michael Woods uses the unique vocals provided by Marina & The Diamonds with soft chords to build into a drop of an uplifting synth melody, a growling under layer, thumping bass line and vocals to bring along the synth melody. Michael Woods is very consistent at making great, heavily supported tracks and this one is yet another to toss in the mix.

Marina & The Diamonds – Power & Control (Michael Woods Remix): iTunes || Amazon

Michael Woods has been doing edits of tracks for his label for quite some time, taking very good tracks and making them great, pushing all the right buttons and making his edits seem like what the original should have sounded like. His edit of Belgian Siege and Sem Thomasson is no different from that trend with a progressive build and a drop with tech influences to go along with the fast moving synth melody, giving us this outstanding production.