Progressive House | Passion Pit, Woodkid – Run Boy Run Away (Stereoshock Official Edit)

Posted by on October 7, 2013



“Just wait here, I’ll be back soon and this time, I will the bring lotion”. That’s what she said to me. I waited anxiously in my bed for her return. I had just made the switch from an Abercrombie winter jacket to a rather thin Lacoste hoodie so my confidence was at an all time high. Instead of just staring at cute girls from afar I would now stand about 10 feet back and to the left and pretend to talk to someone on the phone whilst staring at them. Things were going quite well for me you could say. After about an hour she came back with the lotion and put it on my bedside drawer. I said thanks and she left the room. My sister had used the last bit of my  Cocoa Radiant, Vaseline lotion that I use exclusively on my dry hands (though I have tried it on other stuff but I just don’t like using it). I was chillen in Forever 21 by myself when I accidentally slipped and fell on some, what I can only assume was diluted yogurt and scraped my hands pretty badly so without that lotion I couldn’t even make the tip of my index finger touch the tip of my thumb and as all guys know, it’s all over at that point.


That’s what I was doing during the week of July 28th, which was the date of Stereoshock’s last edit. I think you guys can now understand why it lacked a post. The next course of action he took after our interview was releasing a new edit, this time combining Woodkid’s “Run Boy Run” with Tiesto’s remix of “Carried Away”. As with all his edits, he makes the two tracks blend together perfectly. I have also included the edit that I missed, which may be one of my favorite edits of his. Both can be downloaded for free on his Facebook.