House | Art Bastian Taps Into Progressive Trance Vibe In “Blazing Sun”

Posted by on August 26, 2019

Art Bastian’s “Blazing Sun” has been on rotation globally throughout clubs and radio shows. The progressive house moment-maker carries many elements house fans will quickly attach to.

“Being from a big city we often forget about the simplicity and beauty of nature. For this song, I like to imagine a city kid who goes on a journey into nature to find his oneness with it.”
Art Bastian

“Blazing Sun” is all about positivity and warmth, the communal aspect being one of the most engaging parts of the metaphysical experience. Released on 18th Floor Recordings, Art Bastian is a new alias with an veteran electronic artist pulling the levers behind the curtain. His singles stand out on their own and shouldn’t be missed.