Drum & Bass, Dubstep | Excision – X Rated Remixes

Posted by on September 3, 2012

The mother-load for all Dubstep fans has arrived in the form of Excision’s X Rated Remix album.  I am still awestruck at the amazing talent recruited for this colossal album. This is truly going to be a tough act to follow for most artist. I don’t even know where to begin talking about this album. Excision did a great job of making sure most heavy electronic genres were covered such as Moombahcore, Electro, Drumstep, Drum & Bass, and of course Dubstep.

Some honorable mentions to begin talking about the album; we have Space Laces Remix, Xilent, Loadstar, Eptic, and Dirtyphonics that left me MIND BLOWN. Those are just the artist who’s remixes stood out the most, but all the remixes were fantastic. Mach and I have been eagerly waiting for Space Laces to unleash some new material and if this remix gives us a glimpse of what is to come, the wait for more is going to be unbearable. HOLY SH** doesn’t even sum up my reaction when I first heard this absurd remix. I can’t wait for the day to hear this track at a show with its one of a kind futuristic synths and sounds. Xilent always destroys all remixes which he graces with his name. Not receiving much hype as far as I know on this remix left me wondering what he had stormed up this time and yet again we got an exhilarating masterpiece. Showing some similarities to his Out The Blue remix for Sub Focus through the synths this one still demolished it for me no doubt. Eptic was sure to roll through with his Never Say Die styled, upbeat remix of 8 Bit Hero. This style has become a hit through the label and for many upcoming artist as well. Dirtyphonic’s as well as Loadstar both crushed their remixes as well to say the least. To sum up things EVERY REMIX IS PHENOMENAL! Do not sleep on this album at all and purchase it from Beatport HERE.


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