Drum & Bass | Feint & MYLK Team Up On Drum And Bass Banger ‘Beyond’

Posted by on July 13, 2023

Feint and MYLK have skillfully crafted a new drum and bass single, “Beyond,” that is both energetic and profound, embodying the fluidity of their sound. This high energy single encapsulates a cinematic musical narrative, as it balances rhythmic intensity with soothing harmonies, making it a riveting exploration of their musical capabilities.

The percussion work in “Beyond” is a testament to their command of drum and bass, featuring intricately woven patterns that drive the track forward. This intensity is contrasted beautifully with the inclusion of smooth, harmonious female vocals, which bring a unique serenity to the track.

Feint is known for many things, a part of his achievement list includes being one of Monstercat’s longest running artists on the roster. MYLK has must-hear’s under her belt like “Outbreak” and “Magic,” – her catalog has plenty of cues within that make it feel like one part of a greater whole.

“Beyond” serves as a milestone in their evolving musical journey, bringing a catchy edge to the genre of drum and bass, while promising more innovative endeavors from both artists in the future. As such, it is an essential addition to the collections of discerning drum and bass aficionados worldwide.