Dubstep | R Rated #50!

Posted by on October 11, 2012

Fifty weeks of R Rated and yet again we aren’t slowing down anytime soon. With classes ramming ridiculous amounts of work into our faces you would think there would be a few skipped editions of R Rated, but we just can’t do that to our fans. With that said Mach came up with the brilliant idea to celebrate this joyous occasion by ramming you guys with even more tracks than we usually do, so let the filth overload begin.

Xilent is on the verge of another monstrous EP release through Audioporn Records and we all know there is no better way to hype the fans than giving away a free track from his EP. This track is that heavy melodic style Xilent is so great at producing, sprinkled with a some grime lyrics courtesy of Youthstar to add a hip hop feeling to it.

This next one is a little exception to R Rated. We usually stay away from posting DnB into R Rated, because we save it for Dnb Friday’s, but when Noisia posts something on their Soundcloud from another artist, you know it is no joke. With Noisia being one of the best sound engineers to ever grace the EDM scene it is obvious they push to get the closest in sound perfection when it comes to creating and mastering tracks. The Upbeats seem to be a new favorite for these guys and with that we can hear the Nero-funk influence from Noisia throughout a few of their recent tracks including this dark tune.

LabRat has grown significantly as a producer ever since we started following him and posting his tracks a few months back. With the Halo soundtrack remix competition in progress we are seeing the spur of remixes popping up everywhere. With that said many artist are choosing to stay ont he epic, melodic path that the Halo soundtracks usually stray towards, but LabRat takes the heavy, grimy path.


Read on for more free tracks and previews.