Dubstep, Electro-House, House | Kaskade & Skrillex — Lick It [Remixes] and Music Video

Posted by on April 17, 2012

I was pretty excited yesterday when Kaskade announced the release of the Lick It remixes. I was always a fan of the original despite the way others felt about it, and after hearing Datsik’s remix a few months ago I couldn’t wait for it. Although I was disappointed about his album, this remix is a must have for me with his signature synths and wobbles smashing stages for the past 3 months. Also featured are Norman Doray and Alex Kenji both giving nice progressive adaptations. Alex Kenji’s remix provides a nice upbeat House tempo with some sick progressions and basslines. His remix might even take it for me over the original. You can grab these remixes on Beatport provided in the link below. 

Kaskade & Skrillex — Lick It [Remixes] BEATPORT LINK

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Progressive House | Dannic, John Dahlback, Alex Kenji

Posted by on February 7, 2012

Dannic, formerly known as the Dj Funkadelic, is back on Hardwell led Revealed Records to provide us with this funky, grungy house tune. It is lready supported by some of the best in the business, so do not overlook this gem from Dannic on Revealed Records. Get it on BEATPORT.
DOWNLOAD: Dannic – Doster (Original Mix)

John Dalhback put together the Toolroom Records Compilation that combines all sorts of tech, deep, progressive and electro house releases from the illustrious Toolroom Records, new and old, into one 40 song compilation. John Dalhback released himself 3 several songs in the compilation as he was the mixer and 3 of them are new. One was a more techy release and the other two are more progressive sounding. “Escape” is the superior cut of the two with its sweeping synth cords and incredibly smooth melodies, though the other two are quite good as well. The other two can be found with the rest of the compilation, a worthwhile purchase or at least worth looking at on BEATPORT.
DOWNLOAD: John Dalhback Escape (Original Club Mix)

Coming off of his widely supported single with Manuel De La Mar “Acid As 303”, Alex Kenji, takes a different route this time from Acid House to a more contemporary, mellow progressive house track. This track relies heavily on string instruments with a heavy dose of claps and thumping bass in the drop with an oscillating synth texture underneath. Get this on BEATPORT.
DOWNLOAD: Alex Kenji – Chasing Clouds (Original Mix)