Techno | Varien’s Experimental Techno Sound “ghost shell” Will Blow You Away

Posted by on March 21, 2017

Varien is a big name in dance music, he has entered a group of artists that are long standing, house-hold (in dance music house-holds) names that 2010’s dance music fans and new fans easily recognize. Yet, this week – and what is looking to be the rest of the year – Varien made his releases private and is starting fresh. Dropping only one track so far.

His latest is “ghost shell” a single that showcases a more techno-heavy side to what Varien fans are used to. The single still fits in the realm of something Varien puts out, but is certainly a highly experimental release for the solo artist. Stoked to see what 2017 will hold for him.

House, Techno | Will Vance’s “Slow Drive” Goes Deeper Than Imagined, Shares Exclusive Interview

Posted by on March 10, 2017

Portland, Orgeon native Will Vance is on a roll lately with his recent creation of his EP for 2017 entitled Days Go By already making an impact with his first self titled release “Days Go By.” Will has gained the attention of many listeners, incorporating soothing atmospheric sounds with the smooth and creamy synth design that we’ve come to love. Will Vance is here to premiere his third track off of his EP entitled “Slow Drive.” Appropriately labeled, the tracks progression is nothing less than euphoric with his use of airy angelic vocal samples down to his rhythmic hi-hat patterns, this track is a perfect drive along song with it’s chilled out string leads and thumping drums, this producer is on his way to a successful start to 2017. “Slow Drive” is released out on Thnk Tnk Records a relatively diverse record label that pulls in styles from all genres, which gives Will the advantage of truly diving into his craft without having to be isolated to a specific sound.


House, Techno | Fairchild’s “Titan” EP Most On Point Akrade Release This Year Thus Far

Posted by on March 5, 2017

Fairchild burst onto the scene two years ago with his hit single “I Just Want You” that almost broke the million play mark on Soundcloud. Having been producing for quite a while now FairChild gives us a two track EP with songs “Titan” and “Remnant.” The eerie house beats are the perfect combination of dark and progressive grooves that make for stellar club tracks. It’s tough to find artists that truly put their emotions into the music and with these two releases FairChild did just that.

Music can elicit all kinds of emotions. In Fairchild’s case, icy soundscapes bristling with trance synths and house rhythms evoke feelings of both unease and euphoria often within the same space. It’s this sort of cinematic unpredictability that defines the classically trained anonymous producer who’s bringing a film score sensibility to the dance floor. Releasing two new tracks for Arkade Records, “Titan” & “Remnants” and both in the seven-minute range, he sets a journey in motion propelled by sonic futurism and timeless musical architecture. A man of few words and a distant obscured binary image, he’s just started the Progressions Mix series on Soundcloud & recently released the Evergreen EP via NuIdeals. Listeners can take a step deeper into his world with “Titan” & “Remnants” now.


Techno | Seigyn’s “Let Go” Expands On The Deadmau5 And Grabbitz Vibes

Posted by on March 3, 2017

There’s two types of remixes in the world, on that flips the original into something different, and one that expands the vision of the original. Seigyn’s remix of Deadmau5 And Grabbitz’s collaboration is without a doubt the ladder, fully expanding on the vibe of the hit original “Let Go”.

Listening back to Seigyn previous releases “Let Go Feat. Grabbitz (Seigyn Remix)” seems very him, his sound typically showcases elements of techno or very full, in your face-type sounds – however you may describe them, Seigyn is carving out his own niche that can be appreciated. Take a listen above.

Nu Disco, Techno | Risqué By The Kisser Takes Disco Sound To A Special Place

Posted by on March 1, 2017

The Kisser, a France native just dropped what is being called “The future of disco” on Arkade. The track entitled ”Risqué” is nothing less than an absolute dance floor filler. The track consists of classic disco elements combined with modern production techniques that is a fresh edge to the genre. The horns have a robust and dominate sound over a percussion pattern that glides smoothly throughout the track, with clean production and hints of filtering; this track was built for the club. Released on February 25th he already has the support of dance music legends Kaskade and many more.

The label Arkade is based out in Los Angeles, California and was founded by none other than Kaskade himself. The Kisser is joined with a release roster of John Dahlback, Digital Lab, Henrix and more garnering him a spot next to some of the best producers of the genre in the industry. The label was founded to bring the producers into the light and it’s no question that The Kisser is a great addition to an already talented release imprint. To dive into the new sound od modern Disco be sure to check out the 4 minute track via the link above.

Techno | Point Blank Shares About History Of Techno Music

Posted by on November 17, 2016

Techno fans have a special treat today. The electronic music school has released a video discussing not only the history of techno music, but also production tips discussing, in detail, elements of education for the Ableton user. James Wiltshire, who has been featured talking about historical and production points with Point Blank before, uses his charming UK voice and impressive intellect to deliver a balance of history and knowledge.

Dope facts you probably didn’t know if you got into dance music this decade: Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson began to create what is now known as early Detroit Techno. Early tech-heads were influenced by the book Third Wave – I won’t give away any more interesting facts – but the video is worth the watch.

For more info about this video or about Point Blank’s music classes, you can follow the link here:

Techno | AGLORY Dive Deep Into The Darkness With MORT EP

Posted by on October 28, 2016

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AGLORY is world-renowned for their dark beats and unique brand. They’ve worked with the similarly blackened imprint Kannibalen Records before, but now the French duo have partnered with them on a solo EP. MORT is the project, packed with four singles that echo underground sounds that techno enthusiasts love to boast about. Only, AGLORY puts their own spin on everything they do, which is what sets this EP apart from a lot of the comparable records coming out. Each track is its own journey, taking the listener on a dreary ride through industrial basslines and savage soundscapes. If you’re a fan of techno, things don’t get much better than this EP. AGLORY and Kannibalen make the perfect match on this project, and we hope to see them together again soon.

AGLORY – MORT EP: Stream/Download