Hendersin- Underdog

Posted by on May 21, 2012

“This a game so I treat it like a sport, I been trying to reach my goals but I keep coming up short.”

In anticipation of his forthcoming “Henny In Ya System,” project, Hendersin releases his highly anticipated “Underdog” single produced by beat-master Blacklight LLC, who previously produced the cult-favorite “Living My Life.” Taking inspiration from Houston’s promethazine laced rap culture, Hendersin produces a key-driven organ heavy single that inspires as much as it makes one’s head nod. If big shots are little shots who keep shooting, Hendersin is aiming for the head, as tracks like “Underdog” will inevitably allow him to reach his intended destination, greatness. Follow Hendersin on his journey via his social media links below!


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