Kid Cudi-Rain

Posted by on November 22, 2011

Kid Cudi is making a comeback. I didn’t think it was possible after the uber fail, also known as The Legend of Mr. Rager, but lo and behold here he is! Remember when he was the epitome of chill? Me too. Please be the return of one of the more talented men in music for the past couple years. Rain and Mr. K.I.D. are the new releases and hopefully just a snippet of what to come.


Download:  Kid Cudi-Rain

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  • Jtdos13

    These songs aren’t new they are from his rap hard mixtape, which he didn’t even release someone else did, and they were all made between 2000-2001 so none of this is whats to come.

  • Dumbassattexas

    ya these aren’t new …. lol.

  • Sdsdada

    i dislike how you guys h8 on cudi because of his last album. Personally, I thought it was amazing, and even better than the one before. The thing I liked about it is that it doesnt talk about chains, money, and all that dumb shit. It actually gave his view of the world, even if it was a depressing one. So fuck off haters…

  • Willmaxey50

    so if you were a real kid cudi fan and were smart you would know that 1)Legend of Mr. Rager was pretty fucking good and 2)This song is from his early stuff and its from Rap Hard Mixtape…. Before you post on here, do your research please

  • Sebass

    Looks like your knowledge on cudster is the uber fail bro. 🙂
    Maybe Lil’ Wayne is more up your alleyway?

  • Atexas is an idiot

    in what way was his last album an uber fail exactly?? it did decent numbers and was respected by critics and fans alike.. gtfoh with those dumb statements