Dubstep | R Rated #17

Posted by on February 22, 2012

This remix by FuntCase has to be one of the nastiest songs I have heard in a while, but we all know how FuntCase is and this picture sums it up pretty well. I am happy to announce though that this remix will be seeing the light of day soon so be on the lookout for a release date by Plan B. First up on R Rated we have a free VIP from Bare and all I can say about this track is, filthy.

Terravita dropping some hot new tracks lately and you can add this to the list. A nice drumstep original from them that is very generous with the bass and wobbles.

Haven’t seen much from Urban Assault lately so it was nice to get a track from them this week. Great buildup in the track with a futuristic feel as well.

Another artist we haven’t seen much of lately, Chrispy. Mach was able to catch this freebie last minute and send it over my way. Chrispy bringing the heavy bass and dark vibes like he always does.

Mach has been waiting for this track all week and JohnBrah finally reached the magic number for the release. Be prepared because this track is a monster. JohnBrah puts in a nice build up to make you think this track is going no where, then he hits you with the drop.