Progressive House | Arty – EDC Las Vegas Set

Posted by on June 28, 2013


Listening to Arty is the closest I think I’ll ever come to the feeling of flying, which probably explains why I got a $400 speeding ticket while playing his Identity mix on a recent road trip (Texas cops are ruthless, mane). I don’t want to dwell on how upset I am that I didn’t get to see Arty live because this mix is just that good that it makes up for it. Arty starts this set out softly and compassionately, then sweeps you away with the Mikkas remix of “Rewind” and then hits you in the face with some Wolfgang Gartner “Space Junk.” I really lost it when the “We Are Your Friends” vocals made a surprise appearance during “Mozart.” I would do horrible things to have been there, going deaf at the front of the crowd, because my Logitech speakers are just not doing this set any justice, and they’re also not masking the sounds of my FOMO induced sobs. Next year…


Also, be sure check out this preview for his latest track, “Grand Finale,” featuring ethereal vocals from Fiora. Can’t wait for this release.

Hip-Hop | Kanye Freestyle, Saigon, and Kyle Lucas | Hip Hop

Posted by on March 1, 2011

This past weekend Kanye had a surprise appearance at a Jazz Bar in NYC. He spit a freestyle about a range of topics from his racist accusations to Illuminati conspiracy. Below I posted a download link for those of you that really enjoyed it.

“All this Illuminati talk, as if my first hit single wasn’t Jesus Walks.”

On this download kayne doesn’t really get going untill 1:30

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West ft. Mos Def – Blue Note Jazz Club Freestyle

DOWNLOAD: Saigon – On My Way

Here are two tracks from an artist that I’ve seriously been sleeping on, Kyle Lucas.

DOWNLOAD: Kyle Lucas – Picking Up The Pieces HOT

DOWNLOAD: Kyle Lucas – New New New