Electro | Skeet Skeet, Meat Katie, and Discoforgia | ELECTRO

Posted by on February 4, 2011

Electro is always good on a Friday night. Almost as good, that is, as Juliet Supper Club’s dessert (pictured above). Side note: check out Juliet if you ever have a chance (girls, it looks like a disco ball inside). For all you other electro-heads out there, and especially the ones who will be hitting the clubs, these are for you. Enjoy your Friday night!

DOWNLOAD: Jessie & The ToyBoys ft. Yelawolf – Push It (Skeet Skeet Remix)

I really like Meat Katie, of Lot 49 Records’, sound. His funky style makes for great dance music.

DOWNLOAD: Meat Katie – Bizarre Is Beautiful

DOWNLOAD: Sleigh Bells – Run The Heart (DISCOFORGIA Remix)

Electro, House | Deadmau5 turns 21…again?!

Posted by on January 12, 2011

I’ve returned to the East after an exceptional trip out west. My visit to the “right coast,” as BIGLIFE calls it, floored me. Sure, it was great to enjoy the California weather (no tights were needed) but the revolution occurring musically in Los Angeles is what intrigued me the most. From lessons in DJ’ing dubstep to “shuffling,” my girlfriends and I were exposed to a music culture we had previously viewed from a distance.

We enjoyed our first night in West Hollywood at Premiere, a two-story Supper Club located on Las Palmas Avenue. Conveniently situated near The Roosevelt Hotel, Premier’s Thursday party was a perfect fit for us.

Premiere’s cocktail waitresses, complete with LED wands, transformed customers’ bottles into floating orbs of light. In contrast with these flashing lights were the wrought-iron balconies of Premiere’s second floor, and its giant, pine chandelier.

It wasn’t the environment, though, that impressed us. Around 1am, resident DJ Rick Rude began dropping an onslaught of dubstep, ear-gasm’s. Moments later, a cake was lit and delivered to Deadmau5, who celebrated his thirtieth (or twenty-first) birthday at the club. After Dubstrike was shut down, Skrillex added to the madness as he, too, joined the party.

Rick Rude recently signed with S.K.A.M Artists, and has worked nightly in Los Angeles for the past two years. His latest CD, Casablanca, is an interesting compilation of music and can be downloaded here.

Other songs played while on the “right coast:”
Afrojack – Polkadots (Oliver Twizt Remix)

Jinder – Youth Blood (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)

Oh, and dear Lakers fans…we attended your January 8th game against the Knicks. You suck!