Mix | Trademark’s latest mix is a must listen

Posted by on May 5, 2016

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Trademark’s latest mix is a perfectly crafted, upbeat mix accurately titled “The Pregame Series”. Mashing chart-topping records from Justin Bieber, Flume, Robin Schulz, Rozes, and countless others, Trademark’s mashups have been hugely successful on Soundcloud in the past – with multiple releases breaking 1 Million streams. With the sun shining, snow melting, and summer breaks starting, this one has come at the perfect time. Be sure to bump the mix and support Trademark and grab that free download! Trust me, when you’re bumping this mix at the beach, BBQ’s, or even while camping in the coming months, your friends will thank you for it.

Tropical House | Paxel’s Notorious B.I.G. Remix Gets You Ready For Summer

Posted by on April 1, 2015

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After having heard countless remixes of The Notorious B.I.G, it was really refreshing to hear one that was different from the rest. French producer Paxel has taken this track and given it an uplifting tropical vibe, using the vocals so well that I almost forgot that the original was actually an old school hip-hop track. If he keeps going like this, Paxel is going to be someone to definitely be on the lookout for in 2015, reminding me of a young Matoma. This one is a free download – so sit back, relax, vibe to it as we watch the snow melt away and sun come out!

Indie | Alex Adair – Make Me Feel Better (Klingande Remix)

Posted by on January 26, 2015


Here in the ‘Great White North’ (that’s Canada incase you missed it) the snow has started to melt and as we transition back into a much better state of reality (sorry, but I really… really, hate snow) we could all use some guidance by Klingande. This tune is classic Klingande: good vibes and tropical sounds mixed with sexy deep house bass lines that take us on lengthy feel-trip. Lay back and lets your problems go as Klingande will surely carry you away.


Hip-Hop, Rap | Cooper Davis – Good Morning

Posted by on March 7, 2014

Being a writer for a music blog as well as an aspiring worker in the music industry, sometimes its hard to ever focus on your own work while still trying to immerse yourself in everybody else’s styles and projects because staying up to date with the industry is almost a necesity. So, today I thought I’d share a project of my own that’s been slowly developing over the past seven months as I lived in Milwaukee, WI. What is in Milwaukee you ask? Well, Cooper Davis. It’s still kind of hazy how Cooper and I became connected from opposite ends of the country, but somehow it happened, and I found myself traveling all the way from the sunny sides of California to snow-covered-cars-every-morning Wisconsin. The time spent there though through all the snow storms and ice-skidding stops was well worth the wait. ‘Destiny N Dynasty’s’ Cooper Davis is definitely a rapper that should be on your radar, with his charismatic smile and low-key personality, and an extreme aware of consciousness that would surprise anyone from face-value. Even though there’s more to come, Cooper Davis presents you with “Good Morning”, the first of more to come.

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Progressive House | Vlad Lucan – Let The Good Times Roll

Posted by on February 18, 2014

Vlad Lucan - Let The Good Times Roll
Vlad Lucan who got his start producing hip hop and pop hits in Romania, recently turned his production talents to dance music. His remix last summer of YesYou ft. Marcus Azon “Frivolous Life” became a fast favorite of mine, and he brings a similar sound to this original. It may be still winter and there’s 3 feet of snow in my front yard, but that does not mean we can’t gear up for warmer temperatures with summery tunes like this one. The classic sample from Earl King gives the tune a feel good vibe accompanied by Vlad’s cheery, melodic, synth chords. It’s yours for free, so get it now.

Free Download: Vlad Lucan – Let The Good Times Roll

Mix | Brian Kramer – Windchill (Hour Mix)

Posted by on February 18, 2014

I’m currently wearing shorts in 70 degree weather, so I know nothing about this. But for all of you on the east coast who have been getting pounded with snow, here is an hour mix of some d house baby making music to keep you occupied while you’re indoors. This kid knows how to curate a mix, my goodness.

Electro-House | Eric Clapton – Cocaine (Gazzo Remix)

Posted by on January 6, 2014

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Staring outside my window and there’s a lot of snow. With this said NJ producer Gazzo remixed a blues classic “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton, and he fed the original a couple lines of benzoylmethylecgonine aka the white girl, making it more alive! This isn’t your hippy parent’s old school track, this one’s more potent with a drop that doesn’t fuck around. I can only imagine this one getting dropped at a festival, and I have a strong feeling it will, considering Gazzo has been receiving the support of Hardwell, Cash Cash and more with his latest remixes! This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Eric Clapton-Cocaine (Gazzo Remix)