R&B | Producer Slavvy releases his dark new single and video “Lavender”

Posted by on July 16, 2021

Veteran producer and multi-instrumentalist Slavvy has dropped his genre-blurring new single and video “Lavender”. The channels elements of dark synthwave,  R&B and bedroom pop and rolls them into one ultra satisfying deep dive into one man’s tale of hedonism and recklessness. Delving into the darker corners of human-psyche, “Lavender” is Slavvy’s no holds barred statement of “take me as I am” to a lover. Featuring synths with a serious 1980s feel and and a visual (Slavvy and Juan Orta)  that optically resembles the cult-classic Nicolas Winding Refn film, Drive or the beloved vaporwave genre. It’s got all the bells and whistles – sensual neon lighting, fast cars, cash, and an unbothered looking Slavvy as he sings about his darker side. 

Speaking of the sentiment behind the track, Slavvy shares “Lavender is getting caught doing something you shouldn’t. You’re f*cked up, you’re cheating, you’re out behind your lover’s back, but something is going wrong.” Slavvy explains. “They know you’re stepping out, they catch you, they show up, the person you’re with is on some bullsh*t and you regret stepping out to begin with.”

If you haven’t (yet) heard of Slavvy, you might remember this accomplished producer from his days performing under the moniker Abdecaf. Counting Diplo as a fan, Abdecaf tore up the US festival circuit back in the day and released projects that streamed in the millions. We’re excited to see what’s to come from this talented, multi-faceted artist as he gears up to release his full project “Romantic” in the fall.