Exclusive | The RhymeShack: Run, Forrest, Run (Video)

Posted by on April 13, 2012

“You know I’ll call before I come. I won’t just drop on over, out the blue ooh, and I hope that you do too.”

Enter the RyhmeShack, where Josiah Hendricks makes his passion his profession. While most lack the courage to live the life they dream, Josiah has made his dreams a reality, rapping about his journey to the top in his recent “Run Forest Run.” Straying from over saturated motifs, Josiah brings a refreshing message to a hip-hop culture obsessed with mass consumption and wealth acquisition. Waiting tables by day and moonlighting as a rapper at night, Josiah will soon become a household name under the tutelage of MicControl’s Chris Taylor. As Josiah continues to take the blog world by storm, be sure to connect with him via his social networking sites below. The mp3 will be released when the video hits 5,000 views!