Electro-House | Martin Garrix – Animals

Posted by on June 18, 2013

Martin Garrix - AnimalsWith his BFAM, Julian Jordan making his way to New York this Saturday, Martin Garrix provides us with his long awaited festival hit. The saga behind the song has helped its fame to this point. It was first IDed by Spinnin Records as Hardwell & GTA track, possibly to get the hype going. Then from there it was IDed as a Sidney Samson & Martin Garrix song, and though it is now just Martin Garrix’s single, one cannot rule out the possibility of Samson providing a little guidance since he has acted a mentor to him.

“Animals” embraces the minimal drops being championed by all ranges of producers in 2013, in part as a quick fix for staying relevant in the festival season, and another because there seems to be an insatiable appetite for it by the fans. With a more innovative style than most coming out today, “Animals” relies on a quick succession of pitched percussion, and a big room build to bring the track together. Look for this to be played often this summer and watch for it on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings Compilation, releasing this Friday, June 21st.

Beatport: Martin Garrix – Animals