Albums, Videos | The Making Of Pretty Lights Color Map Of The Sun

Posted by on June 19, 2013

pretty-lights-a-color-map-of-the-sunThump followed around Pretty Lights over the past 2 years during the process in which he has been crafted and developed his upcoming artist album “Color Map Of The Sun”. It goes through his progression of working in two studios in Brooklyn and New Orleans, working with countless musicians and singers trying to capture the most organic, raw, soulful sound he could for his album. This time he did not want to go out and sample records, but rather he wanted to create the samples himself and it took over a year to do so, working with all analog machinery to distort and cut, giving it that sound of a past generation. As I finish this video, I have not been this excited for an album since RAM, and though that was only a month ago, this has the possibility to to inspire dance music in a similar way, going back to the roots of blues, hip hop, folk and rock, imbuing them with an electronic sound. Just take it from the man himself as he talked about his own album,

“I think something beautiful and timeless was created”

Does it seem like he is either always high, or just goofy like that? Those dance moves are a bit much at times, but you can see his passion. Also that kitty may just be cutest DJ cat around, sorry Mr Meowingtons and Mittens Francis.

Albums, Review | A Belated Discussion of Random Access Memories

Posted by on May 31, 2013

daft punk

By now, you’ve already listened to Daft Punk’s fourth album in full. You may have streamed it on iTunes, or downloaded the rip when it leaked (even though ain’t nobody got time for 192 kbps…), or perhaps you waited patiently and saved your first listen for the official, high quality, purchasable version. Your opinion of the album is probably already cemented.

But that won’t stop me from trying to change it.